Best VPNs for PayPal

paypalSince 1998, PayPal has become one of the most popular options to pay for things online around the world. In 2002, it was bought and wholly owned by the online auction company, Ebay. It then became it’s own company in 2015.  Because of it’s ease of use, it is a good idea to use PayPal as your payment source for VPN. The suggestions we make in the list below are our favorite choices for providers.

RankVPN ServiceVPN Fan
4Private Internet Access$2.97PIA52CheckboxCheckbox

Because of the ease of setup and operation, many private sellers and small companies use PayPal as a way of collecting money for goods or services, without the added expense of setting up credit card payments individually. It does have it’s good and bad points, though. On the positive side, it allows you to keep your payment information centralized. That way, you do not have to provide your payment information to multiple places, and you can shop at any online store (or even brick and mortar store) that accepts PayPal as a payment method. Some terrestrial stores have it as an additional payment option. It is possible that the recent data breaches from 2 major US retailers may have been avoided if they were using PayPal in their local stores as well. PayPal also allows members to set up subscriptions. In other words, it has an auto-pay feature that will automatically draft and take care of bills without the need to do it each month.

On the negative side, data stored at PayPal is not as anonymous as using a cyber currency like bitcoin. The merchants do not have your credit card or banking information, but they have other information. Some of that information includes your PayPal identity, full name, and any transactions that would usually be visible. That will be fine for a majority of VPN users.  If you want more anonymity then I suggest you consider signing up for a VPN service that accepts bitcoin.

A VPN will create an encrypted connection to a server that may possibly be in another country. Depending on the protocol you use, there are various levels of that encryption. When choosing a provider, you want to make sure they have a fast network and use a version of OpenVPN. You may not think speed is a big deal while visiting sites and transmitting data, but it certainly can be. On some websites, a time out may occur if the length of time you take is too long. OpenVPN is a secure protocol that will add an extra layer of protection when shopping, and lessen the chances of your data getting abused.

The next advantage to using a VPN with PayPal is for location. You will notice that travel and other items are more expensive in some countries than others, even with the conversion rates. As an example, you may avoid a Value Added Tax (VAT) by changing the region of your IP address. If you shop internationally quite a bit, the cost savings you may encounter by changing regions could add up quickly.

This should give you a good list of reasons to use a VPN that accepts PayPal. The options we mention in this post were chosen for several different reasons including price, ease of use, server locations, security, and speed. All of them provide an exceptional value, and are the best choices overall. For other VPN options, feel free to check out our top 10 list. We don’t think you will need to though. The VPNs we list here are the best overall, and are all well known names in the privacy space. In finding a reputable provider, you will want to choose one with good speeds and security. Our selections fall in to that category.