How to Pay for VPN Anonymously with Bitcoin

Pay Anonymously with BitcoinWith all of the attention surrounding privacy, many users like the ability to pay for their VPN service with cryptocurrencies. If you are not aware, the most popular cryptocurrency used to pay for VPN is Bitcoin. Because of its nature, Bitcoin provides the user with a more anonymous way to purchase a VPN account. Buyers’ names are placed in a ledger known as a blockchain. The blockchain is an ever-growing list of records. These records are called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block typically contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data.

Who Needs to Purchase Anonymously?

The truth is, most users do not pay using this method. However, there are several types of users that may need to. Those are:

  1. Anyone who wants to remain more anonymous
  2. Political dissidents.
  3. Whistle Blowers.
  4. Journalists.
  5. Free speech advocates.

If you fall outside of the list above, you should be ok. However, users that are cautious because of personal safety, happiness, or security reasons should definitely use Bitcoin. Additional privacy is never a bad thing.

Pros and Cons With This Method

There are several pluses and minuses you will find when using this method. Depending on your VPN provider, payment information may be handled through a 3rd party processor, not by the VPN company. However, the two can be linked, therefore, making it easier to track your purchase. By using a method such as Bitcoin, your payment information is not compromised. It won’t be directly traced back to you, so it provides you with another layer of security. On the other hand, using Bitcoin is higher maintenance. By using a standard payment method, you can set up a subscription so the service can bill automatically. Using Bitcoin does not give you that option. Instead, you have to purchase the term of service you want every single time.

Bitcoin has another advantage over using conventional gift cards. Often times, the exchange rates can change if you decide to use certain ones. You may not get the full value like you would by using Bitcoin.

How To Pay With Bitcoin

As more and more VPN providers accept Bitcoin, they make it easier to purchase their service using the popular cryptocurrency. We’ll show you a typical purchase by using Private Internet Access as the example. Many providers are this easy to buy and navigate.

  1. Select the term of service you want. (of the choices given.)
  2. Select the payment method of Bitcoin.
  3. Enter and confirm your email address.
  4. Send your payment via the instructions given in the transaction code.

Bitcoin Pay

One final point to paying with Bitcoin or any kind of gift card. Most VPN providers will actually stop you from buying a product from another VPN or proxy. That can pose a problem if you are trying to remain anonymous because the transaction can link the payment to the IP address. Unfortunately, that creates the very issue you are trying to avoid. The way to avoid that issue is to purchase your VPN product from a public WiFi source or public computer (such as a library computer). Though this technique will still show the city you make the purchase in, that should be as far as it reaches.


There are certainly some good reasons to pay for your VPN service anonymously with Bitcoin. However, whether you want to take the steps to further secure your privacy is up to you. Whether you are in a sensitive situation or just want to further protect your privacy, following these steps will help. You should not have to worry about your information being compromised.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.