Watch FIA World Rallycross Championship with a VPN

WRX - Rally CarThe FIA World Rallycross (often known as WRX) Championship is a series of 10 2-day events that are driven on closed circuits in different locations around the world. This grueling series of races takes the cars and drivers to their limits. This season, the first round will take place on April 5th and the last one will happen on November 9th. A number of channels around the world show coverage for this championship. However, if you are traveling abroad or are not in a country that is broadcasting them, you will need to use a VPN.

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Rallycross is a sprint style of auto racing. The cars drive on a multi-surface closed racing circuit. Though they are similar to World Rally Cars, these modified production versions and specially built versions offer the driver about 200 more HP (for the supercar category). These powerful cars are faster than F1 cars from 0-60 and they all have over 600 horsepower. The roots of the Rallycross date back to 1967. This style of racing is mainly popular in Scandinavian countries as well as the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

The championship, however, only had its first season in 2014. There are other similar Rallycross style races that take place in the US, Australia, and others. It is a combination of rallying and circuit racing. Some of those include the Global Rallycross Championship sponsored by Red Bull and SuperRally as part of the X Games. World Rallycross is so popular, you occasionally see cars that have WRX in their names (such as the Subaru Legacy WRX) or even in video games.

Here is a list of the races taking place and the locations this season.

  1. World RX of Abu Dhabi – April 5th
  2. World RX of Barcelona – April 27th
  3. Spa World RX of Benelux – May 12th
  4. Dayinsure World RX of Great Britain – May 25th
  5. World RX of Norway – June 15th
  6. World RX of Sweden – July 6th
  7. World RX of Canada – August 3rd
  8. World RX of France – August 31st
  9. World RX of Latvia – September 14th
  10. World RX of South America – November 9th

As far as TV coverage goes, the championship can be found on almost every continent, but not every country. Let’s take a look at channels for the different continents and countries.

North America:

  • US – FloSport, MotorTrend On Demand, CBS
  • Canada – RDS
  • Mexico – Fox Sports


  • Albania, Kosovo: SuperSport
  • Austria: ORF Sport
  • Balkans: Sportklub
  • Belgium (French): RTBF
  • Bulgaria: MTEL
  • Czech Republic: Czech TV
  • Eastern Europe: Setanta
  • Finland: YLE
  • France: L’Equipe
  • Germany: Pro Sieben Fun, Perform
  • Hungary: Spiler TV
  • Italy: Sport Italia
  • Latvia: LTV
  • Lithuania: Sport 1
  • Netherlands: Ziggo
  • Norway: NRK
  • Poland: Polsat Sport
  • Portugal: Sport TV
  • Romania: Eurosport
  • Russia: Match TV
  • Spain: TV3, GOL
  • Sweden: SVT
  • Tarastan: Tarastan TV
  • Turkey: S Sport
  • UK: FreeSports


  • China: Talent Racing Sports Culture
  • Japan: Perform
  • Korea: Okusu
  • Vietnam: FPT


  • Supersport


  • Australia: Fox Sports
  • New Zealand: TV3

If you do not have access to these channels or are traveling abroad, you will need to use a VPN to get around geo-restrictions. That is because the broadcast companies will block anyone outside of their targeted area. When you connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice, you fool the software blocks into thinking you are located someplace else. From that point, you shouldn’t have any problems viewing the races live or on demand.

Don’t miss out on watching high powered cars go around small mixed surface circuits. You are sure to enjoy it. Please share this post with your friends so they can enjoy the races from anywhere in the world with a VPN as well.

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