How to Watch Youtube TV Outside the USA

YouTube TVYouTube has launched an over the top (OTT) streaming service called YouTube TV. The service is designed to be a TV alternative. It offers more than 45 channels without the need for a cable or satellite TV provider. Of course, most of the channels have commercials. It is worth taking a look at, but it is only available in the US or US territories. If you live there, you will be fine. If you are traveling abroad or working outside the US, you would need a VPN.

Best VPNs to Watch Youtube TV Outside the US

RankVPN Service

Let’s take a look at some of the channels available from Youtube TV.

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Fox
  • ESPN
  • USA
  • E!
  • CW

And quite a few more. Unlike some of its’ competitors, Youtube allows up to 6 simultaneous streams. They also allow you to record things via DVR, and that you can record all of your favorite shows at the same time with no data limits. Pricing for this service is $35 a month. If you want to add Showtime or the Fox Soccer Channel, those are an additional charge. However, they also make a point to say that if you are traveling internationally, you would not have access to your account.

That is why you would want to use a VPN. Whether you already have signed up or are about to do so, you need to connect to a server in the US. That will assist you in getting around the geo-restrictions. Why should you have to miss out because you are not in the US currently?

Which VPN service you choose depends on your goals. There are some good suggestions we have that will make things simple. If your goal is to only make sure you can watch all the channels, have a look at the ExpressVPN MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) feature. This is a Smart DNS service that will help you unblock any geo-restrictions you may encounter without any encryption overhead. If your goal is more security oriented, you’ll want to connect to a ExpressvPN server. Their VPN client includes a kill switch feature, and they do not keep any activity logs. You can use their VPN or Smart DNS service anytime and switch between them as needed.

Both of these options will unblock content. The ones we just mentioned are great options. We chose them based on speed, functionality, server locations, reliability, and price. Be sure you can easily connect and stream before you travel. Feel free to check out our top 10 VPN services list for other choices if you want more.