VPN Super Unlimited Proxy Review

Based InSingapore
Speed98.1 Mbps
Network16 countries
Price$6.67 a month
WebsiteGoogle Play

VPN Super Main

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is a free mobile VPN from a company called MobileJump. However, if you look at the Google Play Store, it lists the company as VPN Super Inc. The app is only available for Android and iOS devices. If you are not aware, VPNs are expensive to run. With very few exceptions, we feel that any company that advertises “free VPN service” is not being honest. While you don’t have to pay money for it, you are paying in other ways. When we downloaded VPN Super, it showed more than 5 million downloads with an average rating of 4.7 stars from 84k reviews. In our review, we’ll take a look at the company, features, network, privacy, and a few other things.

How much does VPN Super cost?

Although the VPN service is mostly free, it does offer in-app purchases. The plans differ, depending on what operating system you are using. For iOS users, the company offers a one-week rate of $6.99. If you choose the monthly price, is a steep rate of $11.99. For 1 year of service, it drops the price to 6.67 a month. As you can see, they also offer a 3-day free trial. However, keep in mind if you decide to get the 3-day trial, it will charge you $79.99 at the end. That one-month price is higher than many of the well-known or premium companies.

VPN Super pricing

About MobileJump Pte Ltd.

Officially, this company is based in Singapore. That means they are not one of the 14 Eyes countries but there is not much information available for them. We have found several sources that link them with mainland China. If that is true, we find it very concerning. Another thing we find troubling is the company’s Privacy Policy. Whereas you can find an alternate site that states they do not keep logs, looking at the date shows that it is from 2017. As you can see, their privacy policy is fairly straightforward. They definitely log their clients.

Where does VPN Super have servers?

VPN Super has servers in 20 different locations in approximately 16 countries. There may be more servers or countries, but the app only shows the locations with the best ping times. Therefore, we’ll cover the servers they list.

  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • India
  • Slovakia
  • Denmark
  • Singapore
  • Serbia
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • USA – Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Dallas
  • Norway
  • Mexico

While 16 countries is a small network, the company offers IKEv2, OpenVPN (UDP), and OpenVPN TCP. All three protocols offer great security and are the ones we look for to keep you safe.

VPN Super App in Action

When using this VPN, you will notice the ads immediately. They are not only on the main screen, but any time you connect or switch servers as well. The interface has few features, apart from changing protocols and the ability to “proxy apps”. Technically, that is a form of split tunneling. We would like to see some more advanced features like an internet kill switch and others. In the image below, we show the console. You’ll notice the arrow points to where you can change the protocol. Other than that, there is not much to this app.

VPN Super console

Does VPN Super leak?

While it does not show our actual IP address, it does show a list of multiple servers as you see in the image below. It is clear they use Google as a DNS service. Even though Google is regarded by most to be a secure provider, you need to decide for yourself if you are ok with that kind of exposure. We also noticed that it hopped through far more servers than most the VPNs we test.

VPN Super DNS Leak

Is VPN Super fast?

Of course, speeds are important when using a VPN. Unfortunately, the answer to this is no, the free version is not. To demonstrate, we performed a speed test to a server in New York City. As you see here, we have a baseline speed of 457 Mbps.

New York speed test

When testing to the same server in New York City with VPN Super, we got a speed of 14.7 Mbps. That means it has a speed loss of 99.7%. While you may be able to stream some content, high definition would be completely unwatchable.

VPN Super Speed test New York

That said, we ran a few other tests as well, this time in the early morning. If VPNs are going to perform well, it is that time when they will perform the best. We tested several locations and had a bit better luck. Of course, we still have a baseline of 457 Mbps.

  • Chicago – 98.1 Mbps ~ 78% speed loss
  • Dallas – 61.3 Mbps ~ 87% speed loss
  • London – 55.4 Mbps ~ 88% speed loss
  • Frankfurt (GER) – 87.5 Mbps ~ 81% speed loss
  • Stockholm (SWE) – 90.6 Mbps ~ 80% speed loss

Although the speeds are not spectacular, they are not bad, either. Just realize that the typical speeds may be more in line with the image above during busy times. If you wanted to stream content using VPN Super, the early morning is the time to do it.

Does VPN Super Unblock Streaming Services? – Netflix and BBC iPlayer Tests

In these VPN Super streaming tests, it was certainly not super. We tested 2 of our favorite streaming services to see if the service would work. We connected to a server in Canada for the Netflix test, and the red arrow points to the connected status. Next, we chose a show that is exclusive to Netflix in Canada. If the company has done it correctly, we should see a result for the Canadian show, “The Big Ugly”. As you can see, we had no luck in finding it. Our next test was to connect to a VPN in the UK for the BBC iPlayer. As you can see, that test failed as well.

VPN Super Streaming Test

Customer Service

Unfortunately, customer service is another place that VPN Super fails. If you need to contact them, they have no ticketing system or chat. The only help they offer is an email address. That is in the form of a “mailto” link. In other words, they do not offer any sort of form, you actually have to send them a message from your email account. This is behind the times.


If you compare VPN Super to some of the more solid players in the community, it fails in many respects. However, when you compare it to other “free” services, it is about the same as others, maybe even faster than some competitors. Remember though, there are some major issues with this service. Let’s look at the good points and areas for possible future improvements.

Good Points

  • Ability to change protocols
  • Split tunnel feature
  • The interface is easy to use


  • Increase network size and performance
  • Change billing practices and lower prices
  • Add more advanced features like VPN kill switch
  • Stop logging information on users
  • Fix streaming issues
  • Be more transparent with information.
  • Add desktop apps
  • Provide better customer service

With the company’s questionable roots in Mainland China, their logging policy, relatively slow speeds, “free” status, and lack of the ability to stream from other locations, we just can not recommend VPN Super. Since the main reasons to connect to a VPN are to protect your privacy, get around censorship, and stream content from other regions, this one seems to fail all of the tests. We suggest you choose a different option.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.
vpn-super-review VPNVPN SuperBased InSingaporeLogsYesSpeed98.1 MbpsNetwork16 countriesRefundNoPrice$6.67 a monthWebsiteGoogle Play VPN Super Unlimited Proxy is a free mobile VPN from a company called MobileJump. However, if you look at the Google Play Store, it lists the company as VPN Super Inc. The app is only available for...