Watch the UEFA Futsal Euro Live Online With a VPN

Futsal GameThe UEFA Futsal Euro Championship (often just called the UEFA Futsal Euro) is a fast-paced tournament that is great for all fans of football (soccer for Americans). This year, the UEFA Futsal Euro 2018 championship will take place on Tuesday, January 30th, 2018. This is the last time the bi-annual event will be held in a 12-team format. There are various different ways to watch the tournament if you live in the right area. If you do not, you may want to use a VPN to work around any geo restrictions.

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The Futsal style of football is a 5 vs 5 soccer match that is played on a hard court surface. One of those players on each side is the goalkeeper. The term is translated into lounge or hall football. It was originally created the ’30s and was played on basketball courts at the YMCA. As you might imagine, the rules are slightly different from the full version of the game. The UEFA Futsal Euro championships were first played in 1996, and have been mostly bi-annual.

As we mentioned, there are 12 teams competing in this competition. Those teams are Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, France, Kazakhstan, Italy, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine. However, you don’t need to be a fan of football to know that the team with the most wins is Spain. They have absolutely dominated the UEFA Futsal Euro with 7 wins.

Let’s look the first matches and the schedule.

  • Jan 30thSlovenia v Serbia, Russia v Poland
  • Jan 31st – Portugal v Romania, Spain v France
  • Feb 1st – Poland v Kazakhstan, Serbia v Italy
  • Feb 2nd – France v Azerbaijan, Romania v Ukraine

Here are some ways to watch the tournament. Many of these you will need to be in the area to watch or have access to a VPN. If you live in an accessible area, you may be able to watch the channel on YouTube.

  • South America – ESPN
  • Poland – Polsat
  • Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Finland, Norway, Sweden – Viaplay
  • US – ESPN, Univsion
  • China – Super Sports
  • Spain – DMax

With all this coverage, you may wonder why you would need a VPN to watch the tournament. That depends on your location. You will be geo-blocked by some countries if you are trying to watch coverage outside of your home location. Media companies use this technique based on the location of your IP address. Using a VPN will help you get around those types of restrictions.

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