T-Mobile Offers Free MLB.TV At Bat Premium

Baseball StadiumIf you have T-Mobile cell service, get ready for a special gift this year. According to a recent press release, the popular cell provider is upping their game by providing a year of Major League Baseball TV (MLB.tv) premium during opening week. Beginning April 4th, the $112.99 package will be offered free to T-Mobile members. They have until April 11th to claim this benefit. Additional prizes in their give away include gift cards and an all expense paid trip to All-Star week in Miami. No matter what, the free season of MLB At Bat Premium is a great gift for all T-Mobile customers.

If you have paid attention lately, you know that the mobile phone market has become increasingly competitive. Since there is a high saturation rate of mobile devices, companies are doing whatever they can to increase their numbers. T-Mobile has done a good job of increasing their numbers recently by making waves in the industry. Their popular moves like unlimited data plans with T-Mobile One have caused other carriers to offer similar plans. Also, the network advantage that Verizon had over T-Mobile is gone, based on speed and coverage.

John Legere, the president and CEO of T-Mobile, feels users should be able to watch the entire baseball season without having to worry about data limits. MLB.tv will not count against their data limits, no matter how much baseball they want to watch. Last year, users streamed over 1 million hours of baseball, all on a 4G LTE network.

If you live in a major TV market and want to watch your favorite local MLB team, there is a catch. The games you are watching must be out of market. However, that issue can be remedied by using a VPN. You should not miss out on your favorite team because of where you live. You can read our MLB.tv blackout guide if you want help getting set up with a good VPN. The VPN will eliminate blackout games and protect your online privacy.

Ultimately, the moves they are making will continue to change the industry and make it better for all cellular users. You can bet the changes that their biggest competitor, Verizon, have made lately would not be happening without T-Mobile. As a T-Mobile customer and MLB fan we greatly appreciate the extra benefit.

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