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T20The T20 Mumbai League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league located in Mumbai, India. It was formed by the Mumbai Cricket Association in 2018. This year, the season starts on May 14th and ends on May 26th. If you want to watch the league, you can find it on TV through various channels in the area, and Hotstar seems to be the streaming carrier. That is great if you are in the area. However, if you are outside the area, you would typically be blocked from seeing. Fortunately, there is a solution. You would need to use a VPN to watch.

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Because of the English influence in India, there are various numbers of professional cricket leagues in the country. Of course, one of them is the T20 Mumbai league. Though the league is still relatively new, it shows quite a bit of promise. Let’s take a look at the teams in this league.

  • SoBo Supersonics
  • Shivaji Park Loins
  • Triumph Knights Mumbai North East
  • NaMo Bandra Blasters
  • North Mumbai Panthers
  • ARCS Andheri
  • Aakash Tigers
  • Eagle Thane Strikers

Now that you see the teams, here a quick look at the teams.

May 14, Tue

Aakash Tigers MWS vs Triumphs Knights MNE, 1st Match, Group A |3:30 PM LOCAL

ARCS Andheri vs SoBo SuperSonics, 2nd Match, Group B | 7:30 PM LOCAL

May 15, Wed

Eagle Thane Strikers vs North Mumbai Panthers, 3rd Match, Group A | 3:30 PM LOCAL

NaMo Bandra Blasters vs ARCS Andheri, 4th Match, Group B | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 16, Thu

Triumphs Knights MNE vs SoBo SuperSonics, 5th Match, Group A | 03:30 PM LOCAL

Eagle Thane Strikers vs Aakash Tigers MWS, 6th Match, Group A | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 17, Fri

Shivaji Park Lions vs ARCS Andheri, 7th Match, Group B | 03:30 PM LOCAL

North Mumbai Panthers vs NaMo Bandra Blasters, 8th Match, Group B | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 18, Sat

Triumphs Knights MNE vs Eagle Thane Strikers, 9th Match, Group A | 03:30 PM LOCAL

SoBo SuperSonics vs Aakash Tigers MWS, 10th Match, Group A | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 19, Sun

North Mumbai Panthers vs ARCS Andheri, 11th Match, Group B | 03:30 PM LOCAL

Shivaji Park Lions vs NaMo Bandra Blasters, 12th Match, Group B | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 20, Mon

Aakash Tigers MWS vs North Mumbai Panthers, 13th Match, Group A | 03:30 PM LOCAL

Shivaji Park Lions vs Triumphs Knights MNE, 14th Match, Group B | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 21, Tue

SoBo SuperSonics vs NaMo Bandra Blasters, 15th Match, Group A | 03:30 PM LOCAL

ARCS Andheri vs Eagle Thane Strikers, 16th Match, Group B | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 22, Wed

SoBo SuperSonics vs Shivaji Park Lions, 17th Match, Group B | 03:30 PM LOCAL

Triumphs Knights MNE vs North Mumbai Panthers, 18th Match, Group A | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 23, Thu

NaMo Bandra Blasters vs Eagle Thane Strikers, 19th Match, Group B | 03:30 PM LOCAL

Aakash Tigers MWS vs Shivaji Park Lions, 20th Match, Group A | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 24, Fri

TBC vs TBC, 1st Semi-Final | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 25, Sat

TBC vs TBC, 2nd Semi-Final | 07:30 PM LOCAL

May 26, Sun

TBC vs TBC, Final | 07:30 PM LOCAL

As we mentioned, there are a variety of stations in the area that broadcasting the matches. Those are:

  • Star Sports 2
  • Star Sports 2 HD
  • Star Sports 3
  • Star Sports 1 Hindi

As we mentioned, the streaming service that carries the matches is Hotstar. Follow these steps to view the T20 ML from everywhere.

  1. After signing up for a VPN service, connect to a server located in India.
  2. Go to the website and enter your credentials. You may need to sign up for the service to enjoy it.
  3. If you have not signed up for it previously, you will need to sign up for that too, also using a VPN.
  4. Enjoy T20 Mumbai League Cricket.

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