Watch the State of the Union Address Live Online

American Flag - SealThe State of the Union Address is a yearly speech that the American president delivers. It has a long tradition that dates back to the first president of the United States of America. In 2018, the speech will be delivered on Tuesday, January 30th at 9 PM EST. If you live in the US, you will be able to see the address on the big three networks (NBC, ABC, CBS) plus several others including Fox News or CNN. You can watch it on TV or the Internet. If you are traveling or live somewhere else, you will want to use a VPN.

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History of the State of the Union Address

Beginning with the first president in 1790, George Washington delivered the State of the Union address in front of a joint session of Congress. In 1801, however, the practice of delivering the address in person was discontinued because Thomas Jefferson (the nations 3rd president) decided it was too monarchical. Instead, the address was read by a clerk until Woodrow Wilson re-established the practice in 1913. Interestingly enough, there have been exceptions to the rule. The last president to submit a written State of the Union address was Jimmy Carter.

Topics of the State of the Union Address

The address typically covers various topics from the economy, politics, and security to welfare and taxation issues. It is required by the US Constitution to provide Congress with “Information of the State of the Union, and recommend to their Consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.” The actual term “State of the Union” was first mentioned in the 1934 address of Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was in 1947 that the name became recognized as the official name. Since those times, there have been many innovations in hearing the address. You can also watch online on the websites on some of the stations we mentioned.

Some of the additional television stations that will be carrying the speech are PBS, CNN Go, BBC News, and Sky News. Unfortunately, watching president Trump’s speech will be difficult to do if you are outside of the targeted areas. That is because of the various geo-restrictions that are in place. The way you solve that issue is by using a VPN to log into a server that is not geo-locked. As you might imagine, your best choice is going to be located in the US. Simply connect to a VPN server in the United States.

Thoughts on This Year’s State of the Union

This year, the address will be interesting. Trump is expected to offer an Olive Branch in an effort to bring the country closer together. It will be a historical event because it is the first State of the Union Address given by the first president to have never held any political office previously. Vice President Mike Pence, the Congress, Supreme Court justices, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others will be in attendance.

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