Best VPNs for Saudi Arabia

Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia is a desert country that takes up most of the Arabian peninsula. It is known as the birthplace of Islam, and contains the two holy cities of Mecca and Medina. In 1938, oil was discovered there, and it is the world’s largest oil producing country. Despite the money and the beautiful beaches, Saudi Arabia has some strict laws that seem unusual to those in the western world. Therefore, we suggest if you plan to travel to Saudi Arabia, you should sign up for a VPN before leaving home.

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Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy, and has been governed by the reigning family since 1932. Since then, the family history sounds like it is taken from a movie, filled with assassinations and incompetence. From a wealth perspective, it is the least diversified of any of the G20 countries, and it relies primarily on oil as it’s source of income. If the world focus on oil changes, it is hard to know the future of the country.  We mentioned some of the unusual laws in the country, so we will speak more of them now. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. Though not as extreme, other rules include females not being allowed out in public without an escort, nor are they allowed to have their face uncovered. In fact, women did not gain the right to vote in municipal elections until 2015.

The Freedom House lists their status as “Not Free” and it is not hard to see why. The Saudi leadership is likely to monitor any communications on a whim, without any kind of warning. That is a very good reason to use a VPN to encrypt your communications while there. There are a number of reasons to use a VPN. Of course, the first one is privacy. By using a VPN, you create a secure connection to a server that may be located in another country. This connection is encrypted, so it will keep you safe for prying eyes, especially by the leadership. A popular feature with VPNs is the no logs policy. Trustworthy VPN providers do not keep activity logs, so your browsing history, or the sites you choose to go to are kept private, especially from the religious police. In addition to keeping your information protected from them, it will protect you from anyone that would want to steal your private and personal data.

The second reason to use a VPN has to do with it’s unblocking abilities. As we mentioned, the connection you create may be to a server in another country. It is known that Saudi Arabia blocks websites that it feels are offensive to Islam. If you connect to a different country, you would not encounter the same restrictions. That is great if you want to stream media from YouTube or any other website. In cases like Netflix, there are different libraries all over the world, and connecting to a different country would allow you to see the library from whatever region you wish. Another reason for using a VPN may be for work purposes. Sometimes people that work remotely need access to documents on the company’s network, or even their own machines. Because of the secure tunnel created, the only way you would be able to accomplish that goal is by using a VPN.

To sum up the reasons for using a VPN in Saudi Arabia, whether you live there or plan to visit soon, are for privacy, unblocking content, and encrypting your data. No matter your reasons, hopefully we have shown you why you should use one. In the list above, we mention the best choices overall. That is based on price, security, speed, and server locations. We are confident that you will be happy with any of the options we recommend in this post.