PureVPN Holiday Promotion

PureVPN is celebrating the holiday season with a promotion.  New customers can save up to 90% on VPN and dedicated IP with free SmartDNS.  The savings start with up to 67% off VPN with unlimited access from just $3.99 a month.  Add more savings with 50% off dedicated IP and NAT firewall.  Top that off with free SmartDNS for all VPN users.

PureVPN Christmas Promotion

Do you plan to travel this holiday season?  Heading out of town for Christmas with family?  Perhaps a New Years party?  If so a good VPN can help protect your privacy on the road.  PureVPN has network locations around the world so they can protect your privacy and provide anonymity regardless of where you travel.  Encrypt you data on the go with VPN.

Don’t forget about the free SmartDNS.  Want to watch the college bowl games or NFL playoffs from outside the US?  Maybe you want to check out BBC programming from outside the UK.  Have you ever found yourself blocked from sites like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora based on geographic restrictions?  If so SmartDNS will help you enjoy all the action.

PureVPN offers several add-ons as well.  I highly recommend NAT firewall to anyone planning to use a VPN.  Some services include it for free.  PureuVPN is currently offering a 50% discount which is good as well.  The NAT firewall will help protect your computer and mobile devices while using the VPN.  PureVPN is also offering 50% off dedicated IP.  That’s not necessary for most users but if you have the need then the discount makes it an even better buy.  PureVPN also offers a StealthVPN browser for those in high censorship countries and dedicated streaming option for those who need more speed for streaming content.

Here’s a closer look at the PureVPN holiday pricing

  • Unlimited VPN – $7.95 a month (42% discount)
  • Unlimited VPN – $20.95 a quarter (42% discount)
  • Unlimited VPN – $44.95 for six months (39% discount)
  • Unlimited VPN – $47.95 a year (67% discount)
  • Smart DNS – free with VPN membership
  • NAT Firewall – $2.99 a month (50% discount)
  • Dedicated IP – $3.99 a month (50% discount)

The PureVPN Christmas promotion is live and will run through the holiday season.  Save up to 90% on PureVPN and dedicated IP with free SmartDNS. Remember that the savings are recurring so you can enjoy the discounts on VPN and the add-ons for the life of your account.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.