Stop Being Tracked with Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is a new browser add-on that helps you avoid being tracked online.  It’s easy to see how much you’re being tracked as you go from site to site and the ads follow you.  Start shopping for shoes online.  Then visit other sites.  It won’t be long before you start seeing advertisements for shoes.

Privacy Badger is the creation of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).  They are a very worthwhile organization that’s working to help defend our Internet rights.  They also help with tools like Privacy Badger.  The new browser add-on is free to download and available for Firefox and Chrome.

Privacy Badger

Regardless of whether you choose to use Privacy Badger for Firefox or Chrome the add-on works the same.  It will help you stop third-party trackers.  It does so by looking at the third parties that ask to load content to track you across different sites.  It will help find and block them along the way.

Privacy Badger is currently in Alpha so you can expect some bumps along the way.  I’m sure the EFF team would appreciate your feedback.  I’m also sure they’ll continue to innovate.  In fact they are working to block first party sites from tracking in a future release.  For now the add-on will help with third party trackers which are the ones that follow you around from site to site.

I encourage you to visit the EFF to learn more:

The add-on is completely free and from an organization I trust to provide helpful tools without the need to monetize them.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is non-profit organization that’s helping protect our digital rights.  You can learn more about the EFF on their site.  They are involved in a wide range of online rights issues.  You can also become a member and help out.

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