Private Internet Access Adds Servers in all 50 US States

Private Internet Access US VPN servers

We’re very excited to share the news that Private Internet Access is the first personal VPN service to offer VPN servers in all 50 US states. Why does this matter? There are a number of reasons. Anyone who travels around the United States or visits abroad knows the pain in can cause in terms of accessing websites and streaming services. For example, there are many banks and other financial services that require you to be in your home state to access them. Sports fans know all about blackout restrictions and the chaos that can cause when you realize a game won’t be on in your area at the very last minute. Now you can connect to a VPN server in another state to watch your favorite teams. These are just a few reasons why having VPN servers in every US state is such tremendous news. Cheers to the PIA team for making it happen.

Most of the sever locations are listed by state in the app, but some are listed either by city name or more generically like “US West”. This can be confusing since all the servers are listed in alphabetical order. We’ll make it easier for you by listing the city and state for each server along with how it is listed for those very servers that are not listed by the state name.

  • Alabama – Birmingham
  • Alaska – Anchorage
  • Arizona – Phoenix – shown as US West
  • Arkansas – Little Rock
  • California – Los Angeles
  • Colorado – Denver
  • Connecticut – Bridgeport
  • Delaware – Wilmington – shown as Wilmington
  • Florida – Miami
  • Georgia – Atlanta – shown as Atlanta
  • Hawaii – Honolulu – shown as Honolulu
  • Idaho – Boise
  • Illinois – Chicago – shown as Chicago
  • Indiana – Indianapolis
  • Iowa – Des Moines
  • Kansas – Wichita
  • Kentucky – Louisville
  • Louisiana – New Orleans
  • Maine – Portland
  • Maryland – Baltimore – shown as Baltimore
  • Massachusetts – Boston
  • Michigan – Detroit
  • Minnesota – Minneapolis
  • Mississippi – Jackson
  • Missouri – Kansas City
  • Montana – Billings
  • Nebraska – Omaha
  • Nevada – Las Vegas – shown as Las Vegas
  • New Hampshire – Concord
  • New Jersey – Jersey City – shown as US East
  • New Mexico – Albuquerque
  • New York – NYC – shown as New York City
  • North Carolina – Charlotte
  • North Dakota – Fargo
  • Ohio – Columbus
  • Oklahoma – Oklahoma City
  • Oregon – Portland
  • Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
  • Rhode Island – Providence
  • South Carolina – Columbia
  • South Dakota – Sioux Falls
  • Tennessee – Nashville
  • Texas – Dallas
  • Utah – SLC – shown as Salt Lake City
  • Vermont – Burlington
  • Virginia – Virginia Beach
  • Washington – Seattle – shown as Seattle
  • West Virginia – Charleston
  • Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  • Wyoming – Cheyenne

Some key locations for sports fans that are very hard to find include Boston and Philadelphia. Those who like to travel to the national parks out west will be excited to have access to servers in places like Cheyenne, Sioux Falls, and Billings. Travelers can also connect to servers in other states to save on hotel and airfare. There are many uses for VPNs but always make sure you connect when traveling to help protect your online privacy.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.