How to Tell if Someone is Spying on Your Phone

Cell PhoneCell phone saturation is high around the world. Once upon a time, they were not that important. In the connected world, however, most people find it hard to be without them. As important as they are to us, many assume that they are safe. That said, someone could be spying on you through your phone. Now then, the argument that it is ok because you have nothing to hide is common. In reality, though, that is not a good reason to just accept it. There are some definite ways you can tell if you are being watched, and we will go over them. Keep in mind that some of these may seem obvious while others may not.

  1. Odd Noises When Calling: Whereas you could expect unusual noises some time ago, modern networks are much more stable. In other words, you won’t hear unusual background noises unless someone is monitoring you.
  2. Unexpected Reboot: This is a big red flag. Your phone should not just randomly reboot without asking you. If you notice this happening, that could definitely indicate someone is watching you.
  3. Unusual Text Messages: You may not neccessarily connect this with being watched, but if you experience odd texts messages that contain a number of weird symbols, random number sequences, or other characters. This could be an indication of “code-language” being used to trigger features.
  4. Deteriorating Battery Life: If your power drops suddenly, it could indicate an issue with spyware on your phone. That is because it could be monitoring and recording everything through a 3rd party app.
  5. Signs of Activity in Standby Mode: If your phone is in standby mode, you should only see it light up from standard notifications or incoming calls. Any other sign of activity is something you should be suspicious about.
  6. Increased Shut Down Duration: While you may not think of this often, cell phones are similar to computers in this regard. If it takes longer than it does normally, that may indicate an issue.
  7. Phone Slow Downs: Even though this may have another cause, it could be related also to remote activity potentially happening on your device.
  8. Difficulty Shutting Down Your Device: Just like a computer, if your cell has an issue shutting down, things may be running in the background preventing it from doing so.
  9. Abnormally High Data Usage: While many have unlimited data these days, you should still keep an eye on your “normal usage”. That will help you determine if you are on target or if something else may be going on.
  10. Increasing Battery Temperature in Idle Mode: If your phone is in idle mode, it should not be growing increasingly hotter. If it does, you likely have something running in the background that you may not wish to run.

How Do I Resolve this Issue?

Sometimes, a little diligence will work well. If you see programs on your phone such as mSpy, Highster Mobile, FlexiSpy, TheOneSpy, Spyera, or others related to spying, those are dead giveaways.

Android Solution

Follow these steps and it should help you on your Android device.

  1. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Application Management.
  2. Look through the headings and look for words like spy, monitor, stealth, track, or trojan.
  3. Delete any suspicious applications. If you are still unsure about things, seek professional help (such as Geek Squad from Best Buy).
  4. In the same location under Additional settings, click on Safety and privacy and if you have the box checked that says “unknown sources”, uncheck that box.

iOS Solution

Because of the way that Apple works, either the spy software has to jailbreak your phone, or if yours is already jailbroken, you put yourself at risk. With this one, it is as simple as changing your password on iCloud to stop monitoring activities. Make sure you keep your updates current in iTunes. Of course, you can always take steps such as doing a factory reset for both devices.

There you have the ways to tell if you are being spied on. Please share this post with your friends so they can see if they are being spied on as well. Follow us @VPNFan for the latest deals and guides.

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