Orchid VPN Review

Orchid VPNOrchid is an unusual VPN offering that has the potential to really change the community. It is an incentivized peer-to-peer VPN network that is built on blockchain technology and makes the bold claim that it allows users to connect completely anonymously. Launched in 2017, the company was able to raise more than 45 million dollars by selling SAFT tokens, and they will launch their OXT cryptocurrency in the first week of December. It is the only way you can buy the Orchid VPN service.

What Makes Orchid VPN Different?

The appeal to privacy minded individuals comes from the de-centralized structure. Because the system is peer-to-peer (p2p), there is no central server. If you are familiar with how P2P networks work, it is the same. Instead of getting your data from one source, you will get tiny pieces from multiple sources. That means it is anonymous since there is not one location. What that will do is reduce the amount of overhead you would encounter when using a VPN. Instead of normal methods, Orchid’s network is built using WebRTC. Of course, that naturally allows for obfuscation of data. That has caused some to wonder how the system will work with some WebRTC leak browser add-ons, or if the system will be prone to leaking to some degree.

As we mentioned, this technology has quite a bit of potential. Another nice feature is the fact that it is open source. The question is, will it catch on? There have been a number of other technologies that have either failed or still need to be refined. The concept of a de-centralized system is great and you can imagine that it will keep your privacy safe. If you are in places like Russia, China, or any number of other countries where your privacy and security is crucial, the de-centralized system could quickly become an integral part of the VPN community. If it succeeds, you should not be surprised if you see other companies take the same approach.

All of that said, even though de-centralization is P2P, it is hard to say how well it will work if you are trying to get around geo-restrictions or government censorship. For that, some may choose the tried and true methods of traditional VPN providers instead of the de-centralized system.

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