Best VPNs for Nigeria

NigeriaThe Federal Republic of Nigeria is a nation located on the west coast of Africa. With approximately 182 million residents, Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. The country’s official language is English, but many are spoken there. Despite it’s troubled past, Nigeria has been ruled peacefully since 1999. The World Bank considers Nigeria to be an emerging market. If you are from or are traveling to Nigeria, you will want to use a VPN.

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5IPVanish8.873Visit IPVanish

The reasons behind the positive evaluation of Nigeria is based on several factors. As the 7th most populous country in the world, their economy is the 20th largest. Additionally, they have a debt-to-GDP ratio of 11%. As more credible and peaceful elections take place, conditions are sure to improve. Nigeria is also helped by their official language being the most useful business language in the world. All of these factors contribute to Nigeria becoming more industrialized and prosperous country.

Officially, Nigeria is listed as democratic secular country, but there are over 500 ethnic groups that live there. The 3 largest groups are the Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo tribes. Though 50% of the country is Muslim,  and 40% is Christian, extremist groups like Boko Haram still try to impose a strict form of Islam called Sharia law. Given that and the rampant corruption throughout the country, using a VPN while there is a good idea. Let’s take a look at some of the specific reasons.

What a VPN does is create a secure connection to a server that may be located in a different country. This connection is encrypted so any information that is transmitted is protected from others. That is great if you are at an internet cafe in Lagos or Abuja. Abject poverty is rampant there, and Nigeria is known for it’s advance fee fraud (419) scams, so protecting your privacy is of the utmost importance. Though the government may not monitor it’s citizens like some countries, there are plenty of people that are waiting to get a hold of that information.

Because you may connect to a server in another country, you can get around any geographic restrictions imposed by the government or businesses. We will talk about the commercial side of this equation, first. Many companies will restrict traffic to only a certain country, or provide different content based on location. That is true with companies like Netflix that have different libraries for different regions, or the BBC that will stop anyone from outside of the UK from seeing content. For another example of this, there are some websites that restrict all traffic except from a certain country. In addition to that, other websites specifically block traffic from Nigeria. From the government aspect, the Nigerian governing body may block websites that they feel their residents should not see. The VPN service will help you with all of those scenarios.

If you are in Nigeria for business reasons, you may need to gain access to files located on the company’s network. In this case, using a VPN would usually be mandatory. The security of the VPN would be essential to protecting sensitive files. All of the circumstances we just mentioned are great reasons to use a VPN in Nigeria, no matter what takes you there.

By now, we have shown you how using a VPN will act as a gateway to access content around the world, as well as protect your privacy. In the table above, we list our best overall choices of VPNs for Nigeria. We have picked these selections based on various criteria, some of of them are security, price, speed, and numbers of server locations. All of our selections are well known and reputable companies, and we feel you would be satisfied with any of the options we have provided.  Just remember if you are in Nigeria, you don’t want to use the internet without using a VPN.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.