Watch NBA League Pass Without Blackouts

NBAThe 2022-2023 NBA season will officially tip off on December 22.  Basketball fans from around the world can stream their favorites team’s games through NBA League Pass.  Those in the United States and Canada will find that some games will not be available due to blackout restrictions.  Local and nationally televised games will be blocked.  They do this through a process known as geo-blocking which looks at your IP address and determines the blackout rules based on your IP’s location.  You can use a VPN service to circumvent the blackouts and stream every NBA game.

Best VPN for Streaming NBA Games

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NBA League Pass has expanded to offer access to every game, your favorite team, or audio feeds of all the action.  Here’s a breakdown of the streaming plans along with the prices for those in the United States.

  • NBA League Pass Premium (no commercials) – $249.99
  • NBA League Pass (stream every game) – $199.99
  • NBA Team Pass (stream a single team) – $119.99
  • NBATV Live TV (watch games live) – $59.99

Whether you choose the league pass or a team pass, the blackout restrictions will still apply.  This can be very frustrating for those who want to cheer on their home team.  For example, let’s say you live in Chicago and are a diehard Bulls fan.  You have a couple options.  The first being to subscribe to cable or satellite which can be quite expensive depending on your viewing habits.  The second is to sign up for NBA League Pass.  Those who sign up for league pass or team pass will quickly notice that locally or nationally televised Bulls games are blocked due to blackout restrictions.  The answer to the problem is using a VPN.

Let’s take a quick look at how NBA League Pass determines your location for blackouts.  This comes directly from their website:

  • Your location is determined by the IP address associated with your internet connection or your mobile device’s GPS coordinates (if watching via your computer, phone, tablet or connected device).

As you can see, your location is determined based on your IP address.  A VPN service will let you change your IP address to a location of your choosing.  In the case of NBA League Pass you can switch to a location outside your region for locally televised games or a location outside the country to unblock nationally televised games.  The process is very simple and you can use the method shown below to unblock NBA League Pass blackout restrictions from anywhere in the world.

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