How to Unblock Minecraft with a VPN

Minecraft GameMinecraft is a game where you will play as Steve in a block world.  It also has many servers where you can play together with friends.  Gamers can experience slow connections and bad server lag.  Elite gamers also leave themselves open to DDoS attacks.  I highly recommend a VPN to help unblock Minecraft problems.  A VPN will change your IP address and will even rotate it if necessary.  This will help high-end players avoid DDoS attacks.  The VPN will also encrypt your personal information.  Better yet, if you connect to a VPN location near the game server it can lead to a faster connection and less lag.

RankVPN ServiceRatingServer
1ExpressVPN9.8160Visit ExpressVPN
2NordVPN9.487Visit NordVPN
3Private Internet Access9.295Visit PIA

How to Use a VPN to Play Minecraft (PC)

I’ll use ExpressVPN for the example of how to use a VPN service to play Minecraft online. First you’ll want to download the app. ExpressVPN offers free client software for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to free apps for iOS and Android.

Now that you’ve had a chance to download and install the software it’s time to connect. Launch the ExpressVPN client and select a server location. We’ll walk you through step by step using their Windows client.

  • ExpressVPN for gamingSince a lot of gamers like to connect to servers in the US, we used that country for our guide. ExpressVPN has a large network of servers located all over the world.
  • We recommend you select Lightway UDP for the best experience. For online gaming, we use either Lightway (PC) or OpenVPN UDP (mobile) because its faster than TCP. They also support IKEv2 and L2TP. We still recommend Lightway UDP for the best mix of speed and privacy protection.
  • Click the big round connect button. After a few seconds, you’ll see the area around the button turn green. There will also be a message letting you know the “VPN is ON”
  • You now have an IP address in the USA, as far as anyone can tell online. As such, you can reach any site as if you were sitting there. The same would be true if you connected to a server in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Get ExpressVPN

It is just that easy to do. Now that you have an IP address from an ExpressVPN server in the US, you can game, browse the Internet or watch shows as if you were actually there. Connecting to a server in the UK would give you full access to geo blocked sites there as well. The same is true from any country.

As you can probably tell by now a good VPN opens access to content around the world. If you live outside the United States the service can help you access popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. You still need an account for services like Netflix but the VPN will help you watch US television shows and movies on Netflix as if you were sitting in the United States or any other region you would like to access.

How to Use a VPN to Play Minecraft (Xbox One and PS4)

Once again I’ll use ExpressVPN for the example of how to use a VPN service to play Minecraft on your game console. They are my favorite VPN for gaming because ExpressVPN manages a very large network which makes the service a great choice for gamers.

The first step to getting set up with ExpressVPN is normally to download the client software for your system. ExpressVPN offers free client software for Windows, Mac and Linux.  In addition to free apps for iOS and Android. Obviously that won’t work for PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo consoles since they lack the native support for VPN. Luckily, there is still a way to encrypt your gaming traffic and send it through a VPN. The answer is running the VPN through your router. Note: if you don’t need encryption you can use the ExpressVPN MediaStramer (Smart DNS) feature without the need to configure your router. It supports a wide range of gaming consoles.

ExpressVPN router appDepending on what brand and model of router you use, it might support third party VPN services. If so you can get the necessary information from your VPN provider to set up a connection through your router. In general, routers with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware support more features than they would with the factory firmware installed. ExpressVPN customers can use their router app to simplify the process. The ExpressVPN router app offers support for a number of Asus, Linksys, and Netgear routers. They also have manual set up guides for DD-WRT, Tomato, D-Link, and TP-Link devices.

Minecraft Game Highlights

MInecraft is available on Windows, Mac, Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, Andriod, IOs, Windows phone, and Amazon Kindle Fire. Mac/Windows games are a onetime fee that will give you the profile to play the game forever.  You can get the game on the MInecraft site with Windows and Mac, Amazon for consoles, and the App store for Andriod, iOS, Windows phone, and Amazon Kindle Fire. Most versions of the game have three modes including creative, survival, and hardcore. Creative mode is where you can build anything with your limitless number of supplies.  Survival mode is where would have to look at your hunger and hearts. mobs, raw meat, lava, digging straight up or down, falling, and drowning in water can kill you, but you will respawn.  Hardcore mode is just like survival mode, but once you die you will not come back to life.  All modes have EXP dropped by mobs when killed. Mobs include both peaceful and deadly. Some mobs include:

  • Chicken: Peaceful.  It is small to the ground, swims, and can flap its wings to not suffer fall damage. Drops either chicken meat and feathers when killed. Breeds when given hay and next to another chicken given hay.
  • Sheep: Peaceful. It is a semi big animal that swims, suffers fall damage, gives you wool when sheared, and can be dyed different colors. Drops wool when killed. Breeds when given hay and next to another sheep given hay.
  • Cow: Peaceful. It is a semi big animal that is a brown and white, gives you milk, swims, and suffers fall damage.  Can drop leather and cow meat when killed. Breeds when given hay and next to another cow given hay.
  • Pig: Peaceful. It is a smaller to the ground mob, it is pink, ride able with a saddle, swims, and suffers fall damage. Can drop pork when killed. Breeds when given hay and next to another pig given hay.
  • Mooshroom: same as a cow just gives you mushrooms when milked and it can drop mushrooms.
  • Creeper: Hostile any time of the day. It is a semi big creature, it is green, and it explodes when near you. It can drop gunpowder when killed.
  • Spider: hostile at night. It is a small creature, doesn’t take much to kill, and can climb.  Can drop string and spider eyes when killed.
  • Zombie: Hostile.  Medium sized mob, slow, green, and can have armor. Can drop weapons, armor, potatoes, carrots, and rotten flesh.
  • Enderman: sort of hostile. Very big, purple eyes, teleports when hit, attacks when you look at them in the eye, and it can pick up blocks. Can drops an Endereye when killed.
  • Zombie Pigman: Hostile when hit.  These creatures are like the soldiers/citizens of the Nether, they have gold swords, is immune to fire and lava, and they only attack when attacked. When attacked every Zombie Pigman you encounter will try to kill you until they all forget about you. Can drop gold nuggets and rotten flesh.
  • Ghast: Hostile. Lives in the Neither, floats in the air, shoots fireballs, and can be killed by reflecting the fireballs back.  Drops gunpowder and Ghast tears when killed.
  • Ender Dragon: Very Hostile. If this is not one of the hardest bosses seen I don’t know what is.  This is located in the End.  To get there you must do multiple hard tasks.  You will also have to be very good at battling.  This creature is almost invincible when getting healed, has an army of Enderman underneath him, and it flies.  When killed It gives you so much EXP you will not know what to do anymore.

The items dropped by mobs, mined, or chopped can be used in crafting, baking, or they can be eaten. Use the Wiki when trying to craft things.  Minerals like diamonds, gold, and silver need to harvested with certain types of Pickaxes. From their you can bake the items into materials you can craft with to make weapons, armor, ect…  Anouther thing you can mine is redstone. Redstone is one of the powers of mincraft that can do almost anything.  People have done things as interesting as building a working computer with redstone experiments to things as simple as a button opening a door.  Before you try to do any of these things you will need torches and a bed that you can craft.  Torches keep mobs away and beds save your place and let you go to sleep at night, the time when most hostile mobs come out.

Minecraft also has territories having different items. These territories includes:

  • Snowy Hills:  It has snow on the ground that you can melt into water, make snow balls out of, and in some versions make snowmen. Has few vegetation, trees (unless there is a snowy forest nearby), and animals.
  • Grassy Plain: This area has lots of grass that can be replanted and made into hay to breed animals and it usually has a river near by for planting. Has lots animals, plant and has a good amount of smaller trees.
  • Dry Deserts: Very hot climate with a lot of sand, sandstone, Cacti, and has some villages.  Has few vegetation, animals, and trees.
  • Green Forests: It is a area with a lot of high trees, has no area that is naturally there for building, and it has apples from the trees. Has lots of trees, a good amount of animals, and  decent number of vegetation.
  • Blue Oceans: Has little to no trees, very deep water, can be frozen over, you can ride a boat in it, and you can fish in it. Few trees, vegetation, and animals not including fish.
  • Eerie Swamps:  This area has some water, smaller an darker trees,, it has lots of vines and lily pads, and it has witches. Good amount of trees, animals, and vegetation.
  • Tropical Jungles: This place is hot, has oceans or rivers around the jungle, lots of trees and vine also grow here, and it has lots of animals.  Lots of trees, animals, and vegetation.
  • Dark Caves: This the place where all your gravel, redstone, coal, diamonds, emeralds, gold, and silver.  This place also has a lot of harmful mobs, lava, and it is very dark.  Few animals, vegitaions, and trees.
  • The Nether: Area with no animals, trees, and vegitaions.  This place filled with mobs, has lots of fire, glowstone, and lava rivers. It also has a hidden castle named the Nether castle.
  • Huge Mushrooms territories: This is the only place with huge mushrooms as trees, mooshroom, and vast numbers of mushrooms everywhere.  Lots of Vegitaions, trees, and animals.

With all of these places people have been able to build amazing things.  People have made replicas of Disney World.  They also have made famous landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and the Eiffel Tower. Other people have created things like football stadiums, King Kong, Nyan Cat, Spongebob, the Titanic, and pirate areas.  No matter what you want to build you can do it in Minecraft.

Minecraft can also be modified with mods. There are mods for almost everything. They can give you things like Pixelmon (Minecraft Pokemon), clay fighters, and more monsters. Some mods get so popular that servers are made just to play them with other people. I would recommend Minecraft to anyone looking for a game that will inspire you to be creative.

Once again I recommend using a VPN service to play Minecraft online.  A VPN will give you an IP address from the server location you choose. It will improve performance and reduce lag.  Elite gamers will also appreciate the added protection from DDoS attacks.

Enjoy all the excitement as you play Minecraft online.  Please share this post with your friends so they can enjoy Minecraft from anywhere in the world with a VPN.  Follow us @VPNFan for the latest deals and guides.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.