Best VPNs for Mikrotik Routers

Microtik RoutersMikrotik is a Latvian network equipment manager. Founded in 1996 in Riga, Latvia, the company develops and sells wireless and wired routers, access points, network switches, operating systems, and more. Since those humble beginnings, it has become the 20th largest company in Latvia. If you have one of their many available devices, it would be in your best interest to connect to a VPN. We’ll explain more about that, shortly. First, we would like you to take a look at our list of the best VPNs for Mikrotik routers.

RankVPN ServiceRatingVisitServer
1ExpressVPN9.8Visit ExpressVPN160
2NordVPN9.4Visit NordVPN87
3Private Internet Access9.2Visit PIA95

Mikrotik puts out some solid products and they are primarily focused on selling equipment for emerging markets. No matter which product you have or plan on getting, the devices give you the option to run VPN software on them. By doing so, you can protect your whole network. Because it creates a layer of encryption, you will make it much tougher for anyone to steal crucial information from your network. Connecting to a VPN is something you will want to do if you want to do to protect yourself.

What is the Best VPN for Mikrotik Routers?

Answering this question requires looking at several factors. By doing so, we can tell you what the best VPN for Mikrotik Routers is.

  • Strong military-grade encryption to help protect the privacy of all of your devices including your Mikrotik Routers
  • Large and stable networks to avoid dropped connections on your Mikrotik router
  • Providers that offer a strict no-logs policy
  • Multi-platform app support including Amazon Firestick and guides to help you set up other devices such as your Microtik Routers

From here, we’ll take a closer look at the best VPNs to use with Mikrotik Routers.

1. Best VPN for Mikrotik Routers: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Devices

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Since ExpressVPN offers browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, they have also included several privacy features to help protect you. That includes re-routing you to a more secure version of the website you entered, location spoofing so that your browser will match the IP address of the area you select, and WebRTC blocking. If you connect to a VPN without this feature, websites can still see where you are. Of course, you could always get another extension to resolve the issue, but having it inclusive is better.

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2. Best VPN for Mikrotik Routers: NordVPN

NordVPN devices

Sometimes, you need the protection of a VPN but the safety of knowing that you will have the same IP address every time. If you are looking for a provider that will give you a dedicated IP address, NordVPN has you covered. The advantages of doing so include the ability to secure your online payments, skip captchas and blacklists, and secure access to business servers. Keep in mind, though, that getting one will make you a bit easier to track, and you can only use it on two devices at the same time.

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3. Best VPN for Mikrotik Routers: PIA

Private Internet Access devices

One of the ways that connecting to a VPN with Private Internet Access will help is by granting you access to different parts of the world. As big as gaming is these days, you probably realize that developers release games in many different countries. However, that also means that you can get early access to some games if you are in the right place. With Private Internet Access, you only have to connect to the right area and you will be able to get access to your game as soon as it comes out.

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A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.