Watch the PGA Masters Golf Tournament Live Online

Masters Golf TournamentThe Masters is one of the four major golf tournaments on the PGA tour. Unlike the other majors, The Masters Tournament has the distinction of always being played on the same course, The Augusta National Golf Club. Another distinction is the field of only about 90 golfers they allow. Because of this, everyone starts at the first tee. In 2018, the first two rounds will be played on April 5th-6th, and as usual, the last 2 rounds will be played on 7th-8th. The Masters is always exciting, and you can view it worldwide with a VPN.

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The Augusta National Golf Club is steeped in tradition. One tradition is the honorary green blazer that is awarded to the winner. Since 1949, a green jacket has been awarded to the winner of the tournament, who must return it to the clubhouse one year after his victory. It remains his personal property and is stored with other champions’ jackets in a special cloakroom. The presentation of the blazer makes the winner an honorary member of the Augusta National Golf Club.

Most of the time, only a first-time and currently reigning champion may remove his jacket from the club grounds. If the same player wins multiple Masters tournaments, they must use the same jacket unless it needs to be refitted. The course was designed by legendary golf course designer, Bobby Jones, in 1934. As the name suggests, the course is located in Augusta, Georgia on the old Indigo Plantation. From 1857 until the time the course was built, the property was a plant nursery. It has long been known as one of the premier courses in the world.

The 2018 Masters Tournament will be a bit unusual. The last several months have been a real roller coaster because of the return of Tiger Woods. He went from being a 100-1 underdog to odds-on favorite before settling down into a more believable spot. He still has to compete with some really good golfers, so Tiger will have his work cut out for him if he wants to try. Though he may not need to worry about the defending champion, he will need to worry about McIlroy, Watson, DJ, Spieth, and others. Who will take home the green jacket this year? Tune in to find out.

To see the tournament, the best way is in person. However, if you do not want to contend with the ticket lottery to get in, you have to buy from a 3rd party. Prices for a one day pass start around $2000. For those of us that can’t afford those prices, we will have to watch the tournament on TV. If you are going to be in the US during the weekend, you may find coverage on major networks. Both of which are available for streaming on CBS Sports and WatchESPN. You may also watch live on Tee times for this event begin at 8 a.m. EST,  and there will be separate streams following a few dedicated groups. You can bet those groups include the likes of Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, and other well-known golfers. Now, we will take a look at the best way to stream all the action.

Here’s a quick look at the schedule for the Masters:

  • Monday April 2 – Practice round
  • Tuesday April 3 – Practice round
  • Wednesday April 4 – Practice round and Par 3 contest
  • Thursday April 5 – Round 1
  • Friday April 6 –Round 2
  • Saturday April 7 – Round 3
  • Sunday April 8 – Round 4

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