Hide My Ass Pricing Update

Hide My Ass was recently acquired by AVG Technologies.  As a part of the AVG team they will offer a new level of privacy to their popular line of products.  We also expect HMA to continue growing in the VPN industry as they have been for years now.  Perhaps as a sign of things to come the HMA team recently dropped the price of their service.  HMA Pro VPN was previously priced at $11.52 a month.  The new price is $9.99 a month.  They continue to offer discounts on 6 month and 12 month terms.

HMA VPN for $9.99The new Hide My Ass pricing makes them more competitive with other popular services like IPVanish, OverPlay, and PureVPN.  They are now priced well below ExpressVPN.  You still have some well known services like Private Internet Access that are priced lower than HMA but I suspect a price war isn’t their goal.  Hide My Ass has always been a premium service.  They continue to put a lot of time and resources into growing their network and improving the overall experience for members.

Here’s a quick look at the new HMA Pro VPN pricing.  The dropped the price of the monthly plan and continue to offer discounts on six month and annual terms.

Hide My Ass pricing update:

The team at Hide My Ass has been very busy lately.  They continue to grow the already massive HMA VPN network.  At last count they support 860 servers in 310 locations in 190 countries.  Members have access to a pool of over 116,000 IP addresses.  Where will they expand the network to next?  The moon perhaps.  HMA is just about out of countries so they may have to go galactic.

The HMA team has been working on side projects as well.  They launched Hide My Phone which is a mobile privacy app that let’s you get new private phone numbers.  It works with both iOS and Android phones.  I haven’t personally tried the service yet but it sounds promising.  You can try it with a free 7 day number and $1 of free credit.  The rates for the service are based on what country you plan to call.  For example calling the United States costs $0.06 a minute and SMS to the USA costs $0.021 a message.

You can read our Hide My Ass review to learn more about the VPN service and other privacy offerings.  If you are looking for a VPN to help encrypt your data and unblock channels in other countries then HMA is a good choice.  I suggest their annual plan since it save you 34% off the monthly price.  All new members are covered by their 30 day money back guarantee.