How to GPS Spoof with a VPN : Fake Your Geo-Location

WorldWhile many websites, streaming services, and games do not like their users doing this, it is sometimes necessary to GPS spoof your location on your mobile device. There are several distinct advantages to doing so. That includes gaining access to geo-restricted content. If you try to access content from outside of the target zone, you will be blocked. Fortunately, you can GPS spoof your location to remedy this issue. To do so simply connect to a VPN server in the region you want to to spoof your GPS location in.

What is GPS Spoofing?

As you might guess, GPS spoofing will help you hide your geo-graphic location. Many sites and streaming services block content if you are inside or outside of a targeted area. That can be do to licensing restrictions, or even government censorship. Both are possible, depending on where you are or where you are not.

There is one major and easy way you can accomplish this effect. The best and easiest way to do this is by connecting a VPN. What that does is tunnel your data through the provider’s servers. At the same time, it changes your IP addess to a different location and encrypts your traffic, making it extremely difficult to access by anyone else.

Why Spoof your Location?

As we mentioned, if you are inside or outside a targeted area, you will be blocked. Let’s take a look at an example of that. The National Football League (NFL) in the United States continues to gain popularity. If you have the NFL game pass, you can watch all of the games for a certain amount. However, the international audience has an advantage over the domestic audience. Because of licensing rights, the local audience are not allowed to watch their favorite team online if they are in the same market. Of course, the trick is to connect to an area in a different location. That way, you come up in that different area so you can get around those rights. Other examples have to do with censorship in some countries.

Another reason to take advantage of GPS spoofing has to do with the search engines. If your geo-location is shown to them, that is how search engines like Bing and Google know to show you ads for your particular area. Since you connect to a different area, it confuses the search engines so they are not as able to know your exact location.

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