Free VPN Service for Turks

The government in Turkey has shown just how far they will go to control the Internet.  With a new law that requires ISP’s to track customers actions online and keep the logs for two years.  The Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, has gone as far as threatening to ban sites like Facebook and YouTube.  You can read more in this article we wrote last week.

In response to the increased censorship, leading VPN services are taking action to help those in Turkey.  The team at IPVanish has gone as far as launching a site translated into Turkish.  Along with a technical forum and the latest privacy news.  CyberGhost is taking action by offering 10,000 free accounts to help Turks get around the censorship.


Here’s the message on the CyberGhost promo page:

Ah, internet! That wonderful place which grants unlimited access to information and allows people to express their opinions, thoughts and beliefs!

We, the CyberGhost team, think it should stay this way and this is exactly why we are offering our Turkish friends 10,000 licenses for CyberGhost Special Edition, for an entire year, for free.

This way, they will have access to our high speed service which guarantees full encryption, complete anonymity and unlimited access to content all over the web.

And for you, dear friends from the rest of the world, we have prepared our CyberGhost Special Edition for one year, at a special price: 14,99 euro!

You can learn more in their related blog post.  They are offering 10,000 free account to help those in Turkey avoid censorship.  At the same time they are offering a deep discount for those in other areas of the world.  If you don’t live in Turkey but want to protect your privacy we recommend CyberGhost.  They are offering a year of unlimited VPN for 14,99 euros.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.