How to Access Fidelity Investments with a VPN

Fidelity Investments LogoFidelity Investments, often just called Fidelity, is an American multinational financial services corporation located in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1946 by Edward C Johnson II, it is one of the largest asset managers in the world. The investments division operates as a brokerage firm. They also manage a large family of mutual funds, provide investment advice, retirement services, index funds, wealth management, cryptocurrency, securities, and life insurance.

Whereas the company used to charge fees for trading stocks and mutual funds, they changed that when others went to the $0 commission rate. Even though the company has been around a long time, it saw an increase in customers because it is an alternative to Robinhood after the Reddit Gamestop short squeeze.

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As we mentioned, the company offers several products including its very popular managed mutual funds. Not only can you access the website for your investments, but you can also use iOS or Android apps as well. Inside, you’ll find some great features as well as news and other things. Sadly, you don’t have to look closely to find evidence of compromised data. You can find news about security breaches everywhere. Whether you are traveling or just around town, you can access your investments anywhere. To protect your privacy, though, connect to a VPN.

How to Access the Fidelity Investments App and Website with a VPN

To most of us, our money is important. That is why you’ll want to protect your privacy by connecting to a VPN. Just follow these steps.

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Understanding the Fidelity Investments Services

Now, we’ll go more into specifics about some of the Fidelity services.

  • Fidelity Go – This robo advisor feature lets you access professional money management on your terms. There’s no minimum to open an account, so it’s easy to get started. If you don’t need advice on what you want to invest in, this option is great.
  • Fractional Shares – This common option is great because you don’t have to purchase full shares of stocks. That is great if you are a smaller investor or don’t feel like putting a large amount of money into a stock or ETF.
  • Options Trading Options are contracts that allow (but don’t require) an investor to buy or sell an underlying instrument. Those can be securities, ETFs, or an index fund at a predetermined price over a certain period of time. Buying and selling options are done on the options market, which trades contracts based on securities. When you select an option, it allows you to buy shares at a later time, called a “call option.” When you select an option, that allows you to sell shares at a later time and is called a “put option.”
  • Bill Pay – With your Fidelity account, you can set it up to pay your bills. That will save you time

Plus, you can set up CDs, IRAs, annuities, and more.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.