ExpressVPN iOS Setup Guide

You can use the ExpressVPN iOS app to connect to their service from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. Once you create an account and login to their website, you will see a green “set up ExpressVPN” button under the subscription tab. Click on this and it will take you to your licenses page where you can find the link to download the latest iOS app for ExpressVPN. Expand the iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod) tab and click on the green “install ExpressVPN for iOS’ button as shown in the image below. Leave this window open, memorize, or write this username and password down as you will need them to login to and activate the iOS app.

ExpressVPN iOS App Download

From the Apple iTunes store, download the app to your iPhone or iPad device. Once the app downloads the installation will start. The images displayed below show some of the screens in this setup process. On the first image, you must tap allow or the setup will not continue. The middle image asks if you want to share anonymous data with the ExpressVPN support staff to help them improve the service. This is optional. The last image indicates that the setup is complete.

ExpressVPN iOS App Setup

Tapping on the “take a tour” button in the last image above will display the following images from left to right. The first image below says you can either connect to the current location UK – London or tap the up arrow to select a different location. The middle image below shows the results of tapping for another location. This opens up the recommendations tab of the locations screen. The last image is the result of selecting the red “connect” button in the first screen. In this case it creates a connection between the true location, France – Paris (shown in blue on the map) and a VPN server at our chosen location, UK – London. A red connection line indicates that a connection has been made between the two locations. You could tap on the “disconnect” button to break the connection. This tour illustrates some of the features of the ExpressVPN iOS app that we will discuss in greater detail later in this section. Now that we have taken the tour, lets continue on.

ExpressVPN iOS App Tour

Tapping on the “great, let’s go” button will take us to the first of screens shown in the image below. This is the login screen and its sister slide screens. The images just illustrate some of the features of the ExpressVPN service. Tapping on the “sign in” button will bring up the log in screen where you can enter your username (email address) and the password from your account page that you previous wrote down or memorized. This will activate the app on your device and let you begin connecting to the ExpressVPN network.

ExpressVPN iOS App Login

When you first log into the iOS app you will see a screen like the one shown on the left below. This screen will allow you to zoom in and out on the map as well as drag it left or right. The red dots on the map represent ExpressVPN server locations that you can connect to. The currently selected location is shown at the bottom of the screen under the “connect” button. The selected location in the first screen below is USA – New York. Scrolling the screen down and to the left allows us to tap on the USA – Atlanta location as we have done in the second image. This makes this the selected location as we can now see USA – Atlanta below the “connect” button in the middle image. Tapping on the Atlanta location also opened an information bubble showing an ExpressVPN logo, the location name, the IP address of the server at that location, and a blue icon representing an open connection. You can tap the blue icon to initiate a connection to the USA – Atlanta location. Alternately, you can just tap on the red “connect” button. The last screen displays a connection to a VPN server at the USA – Atlanta location. The blue icon now shows a closed connection and the red “connect” button has been replaced by the grey ‘disconnect” button. You can also see a red connection line between your actual location and the location you are connected to. Tapping the blue icon will break the connection returning you to the map centered on your home location which shows as a blue circle. Alternately, you could tap the “disconnect” button to close the connection.

ExpressVPN iOS Connection

Tapping the up-arrow (^) beside the the selected location will open up the locations screen. The location screen has three tabs which are as follows:

  • Recommended – This tab shows you the top server locations recommended for you by ExpressVPN.
    • The top recommendation is shown first followed by a list of other recommendations. This is illustrated in the first image below.
  • Favorites – This shows two different lists of locations. The first is the three most recent connections ordered by most recent. The second is a list of those locations that you have favored. This tab is shown in the middle image below.
    • You select a favored connection by tapping the uncolored star beside the location name which will then turn red. Tapping a red star will reverse the process.
  • All – This shows a list of all connections sorted by region. This tab is shown in the last image below.
    • The four regions are as follows: Americas; Europe; Africa, Middle East & India; and Asia Pacific. Tapping one of the down-arrows will expand that region.
    • The most recommended locations are sorted at the top of each region.

ExpressVPN iOS Location Tabs

Tapping on a name under any of the location tabs will open a connection to that location. Countries can be expanded or contracted by tapping the triangles beside them. In addition to these tabs, you can also tap on the magnifying glass to search for a particular location. As you type letters in the search, the list of locations shown will respond and adjust until the one you are searching for appears. You can then tap on it to open a connection to it.

ExpressVPN iOS Settings

The last thing we want to examine for the ExpressVPN iOS app is the settings which can be accessed by tapping the menu icon (three red horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen as shown in the first image above The second image is the screen that opens when you tap the menu icon. The settings section in the middle of it has a few options that you can choose.

  • Auto-reconnect (toggle off/on)
  • VPN protocol – This is by default set to automatic. The screen on the right above shows the options that are available for the iOS app which are UDP, TCP, and IPSec.
  • Share diagnostic data (toggle off/on)

The iOS app designed by the ExpressVPN team is like the other custom software they have written. It is easy to install and use. With it, you are only a few taps from securely connecting to any VPN server in their network. They provide multiple ways of selecting the location you want to connect to. You can connect to servers in a variety of ways as we have shown in this section of the review.

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