Encrypted Messaging App Wickr Gets Boost

Privacy and private messaging have become a hot button topic as of late. One encrypted messaging app received some positive attention recently, thanks to the help of an unlikely source. As reported by The Australian, Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian prime minister, recently stated that one of his favorite private messaging apps was Wickr. This new app is taking advantage of the need for security in places that have data retention laws, the mysterious CEO of Wickr says.

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This popular messaging app has seen a 700% boost in downloads, mostly from Australians. Since the only piece of data the app records is the country it has been downloaded from, it is not hard to see why it is becoming a good choice. Founder and CEO Nico Sell feels that privacy is not just for the rich, that everyone should be concerned with their privacy.

As Australians scramble to keep their conversations private in the wake of of the new data retention laws, many seem to agree. Of course there are some that take the approach of “I have nothing to hide”. Whereas that point could be made, that does not mean we should be monitored. There is a thin line that is often walked between security and privacy.

Whether or not Wickr will become the next big privacy app in this growing field is a question that only time will answer. The truth is, there will always be bad people in the World. Those people will use whatever means necessary to achieve their goals. Closing, banning, or providing a back door for privacy tools will only weaken your ability to stay secure. In light of recent terrorist attacks, governments are sure to use security as a reason to monitor more and more people. Legislation is sure to get fast tracked as a way to combat terrorism. It is always sad when extremists harm others in the name of their cause, but everyone should not be penalized for the actions of a few people.

Just like with other apps, it is possible Wickr may be banned in some countries because of it’s encryption. However, you can bet one of those countries will not be Australia. Though there are many privacy minded people there, it seems likely that Turnbull’s endorsement of the app encouraged more to investigate it. It is certainly refreshing to hear the leader of a country mention a secure messaging app as a means of communication. Hopefully more world leaders will follow suit.

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