Easy VPN Review

Based InSingapore
Speed50 Mbps
Network28 countries
Price$6.66 a month
WebsiteGoogle Play Store

Easy VPN GPS Page

EasyVPN is one of the many mobile-only Singaporean-based VPN products. A company called Free VPN Pte. Ltd. offers this one. While everything you see about it says it’s free and ad-supported, you learn that they are moving away from the free model. Instead, they’ll now use a subscription option. Perhaps that means they will change their privacy/ad sharing features. The Google Play Store has it listed with over 1 million downloads and a star rating of 4.3 with 67k+ reviews. We’ll see if it is worth such high praise in this review and take the VPN through its paces. Keep in mind the company calls this app “VPN – Proxy Master Unlimited” if you look for it in the Apple App Store.

Other than being in Singapore, we can’t tell you much about the company. What we can tell you is the company says different things about privacy. They point out that they are fierce protectors of your privacy, but you see a different story if you take a look at the privacy statement. Their policy is pretty straightforward in that they definitely log information. The company also uses a “partner” product called VPN Super. If you dig like we did, though, you can tell they are the same company as MobileJump Pte Ltd.


As we said, EasyVPN was ad-supported in the past. Now, however, they offer a free 3-day trial, and there doesn’t appear to be any refund policy. Currently, the app offers two pricing plans. Those are $9.99 for a month or $79.99 for twelve months. That takes the final price down to $6.67 a month. As is common with mobile-only products, they only let you pay for the product by using a subscription with Google Pay or Apple Pay. That said, perhaps that will change since they are moving to a subscription-only model. Though the one-month price is different from VPN Super, the pricing screen has the same graphics.

Easy VPN Pricing

Easy VPN Usage and Features

The company makes Easy VPN easy to use. Their app features a one-tap connect. They offer very little as far as other features go. As you see, you can change protocols on the opening screen. You can choose Auto, IkEv2, and 2 different versions of OpenVPN. All three of them are secure protocols, so there is no bad choice with those. Other than that, you only have the option to connect when EasyVPN starts. The only other option is to “video ads mute.” That is a strange option for a premium product. That is clearly a remnant of the old style. We were glad to see that the company provides access to 28 countries. Hopefully, they will add new features and locations because the app is moving to the subscription model.

EasyVPN Console

Does Easy VPN Leak?

For this section, we like to perform a DNS leak test as well as a geo-location test. Those are important because if your VPN does not hide your IP address and location, there is no point in using one. As you can see in the image below, Easy VPN passes both tests. If you noticed the DNS request log, it shows entries from Google. It also shows us as being in New York. That is common, and most consider Google to be a secure DNS provider. Most importantly, it does not show our true IP address. By that definition, no, it does not leak.

Easy VPN Leak test

Is Easy VPN Fast?

Easy VPN boasts about having speeds up to 1000 Mbps. However, we did not find speeds anywhere near those numbers. We performed tests on different devices and with different servers. This image shows we only got a speed of 50.3 Mbps to a New York server. Our normal speed is 463 Mbps without using a VPN. That represents a 90% speed loss. Unfortunately, we got bad results on the other servers as well. When you consider that this is a premium service, those results are poor.

Easy VPN speedtest- NYC

Here are the other speeds and locations.

  • Los Angeles – 17.1 Mbps
  • London – 14.1 Mbps
  • Netherlands – 28.7 Mbps
  • Germany – 17.9 Mbps

How Well Does Easy VPN Unblock Streaming Services?

One thing that’s important with any VPN is how well does the VPN unblock streaming services. For this section, we tried several different services. When we tried using the Netflix app, we instantly got flagged for connecting to a VPN. Because we were using the app version of Netflix, the security policy stopped us from taking screenshots. That said, we got a positive result when we connected to BBC iPlayer. The image below clearly shows Wimbledon on the service.

Easy VPN - BBC iPlayer

We also tried connecting to Amazon, and again, we had an issue. This image shows that the software detected the VPN. Of the three services we tried, two of them positively failed. That means you may have some success using this VPN to watch streaming services, but you won’t with many of them. If the streaming service has an app and they make you use it, you won’t have any luck watching with this one. Don’t be surprised if you can only get a service like BBC iPlayer to work properly.

Easy VPN - Amazon

Customer Service

Not surprisingly, Easy VPN does not offer much in the customer service field. The company offers a Frequently Ask Questions section in their app and an email address to message them with. Those seem to be the only two ways to contact the company if you need help. Since they are not a free service anymore, we would like to see them add a live chat feature for easy communication.


When examining all factors of this VPN service, we struggle to see how Easy VPN got the high rating it did. The one-month price is more reasonable than the sister product (by two dollars a month), but the one-year cost is still the same. The only other three redeeming qualities of this service have to do with the DNS and geo-location tests not failing, its ability to unblock BBC iPlayer, and a small-medium-sized network.

The bottom line is for a premium-only competitor, this service has a long way to go. If they want to compete with more well-known players, they need to add features like split tunneling, offer more countries, and increase the number of servers to provide a faster experience. They also need to stop collecting data on their users, add more usage platforms, and provide more payment options. Based on the slow server speeds, inability to get around geo-restrictions, limited payment options, lack of computer apps, and poor privacy policy, this is not a VPN we recommend using.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.
easy-vpn-review VPNEasy VPNBased InSingaporeLogsYesSpeed50 MbpsNetwork28 countriesRefundNoPrice$6.66 a monthWebsiteGoogle Play Store EasyVPN is one of the many mobile-only Singaporean-based VPN products. A company called Free VPN Pte. Ltd. offers this one. While everything you see about it says it's free and ad-supported, you learn that they are...