CyberGhost iOS Setup Guide

You will need a CyberGhost account to use the iOS app. You can subscribe to the service and enjoy unlimited VPN access for just $2.23 a month. Once you have downloaded and opened the iOS app, you will have to give CyberGhost VPN the access that it needs to establish a VPN network on your iOS device. You can also alternately allow it to notify you when necessary to secure public Wi-Fi networks.

Verifying Your CyberGhost VPN Account on Your iOS DeviceWhen you encounter the account creation screen, select the “Already have account” link to open the login screen. Enter the “Username/Email” and “Password” that you created when you subscribed to your Premium account. Tap login to open the main dashboard for the app. Before we see how easy it is to use the software to connect to the CyberGhost VPN network, let us examine its main menu which also includes the app settings.

CyberGhost Menu and App Settings for iOS

Tap on the menu icon (three horizontal lines) to open the app menu. The menu displays the following items:

  • Username – of the currently logged in account.
  • Logout – lets you easily switch accounts.
  • Manage account – link that opens your account page on the CyberGhost VPN website so that you can modify your plan or add and remove devices.

CyberGhost VPN Menu and App Settings for iOS

  • Settings – is divided into account and, Wi-Fi protection, and version information.
    • Account information –  includes: the Username, Plan info, number of devices connected, and the number of days in left till renewal. It also has a link to manage your account.
    • Wi-Fi protection – lets you automatically protect Wi-Fi networks. You can modify how the software reacts to open, password secured, and known networks. The options for all include: Ask, Always connect, Terminate connection, and Never protect. We recommend tat you set these to ask or always protect just to be safe.
    • Support information –  displays app version information, TOS link, and a Privacy Policy link. It also has a toggle to send anonymous data to CyberGhost VPN support team to help them maintain their network. Finally you can analyze your connection from here.
  • FAQ – opens the website support knowledge database and FAQ.
  • Feedback – opens a prompt to allow you suggest app improvements or create support ticket for a problem that you have encountered.

Creating Connections with the CyberGhost VPN iOS App

The CyberGhost software lets you connect using a variety of different ways. You can create connections to specific countries or VPN servers with the All server list. Additionally, you can use streaming list access servers optimized for various steaming media sources like Netflix. Finally you can create a list of your favorite VPN connections to quickly secure your Internet traffic using the CyberGhost VPN service.

CyberGhost VPN Best Connection

The simplest way to connect to the CyberGhost service is to allow it to select the best server for general surfing for you. This just requires that you tap the connection toggle “On”. The software will then connect you to the fastest server from your current location. It uses distance, ping response, and server load percentage to help find the best server.

Connecting to the Best Server with CyberGhost VPN iOS AppConnecting by Country with the All Servers List

Choosing a specific country to required just a few taps of the screen. First, disconnect from your current connection. Then Select your last connection to open the Servers lists. Finally tap on the country name to connect to a VPN server at that location.

Connecting to a Specific Country with the All Servers ListThe software will automatically choose a server for you. Here, we have connected to a VPN server in Canada as is illustrated once we disconnect from it.

Selecting VPN Servers from the CyberGhost VPN All Server List

Select our last connection Canada opens the Sever selection screen again. Another way that you can use the All Server list is to choose a specific server in a chosen country to access. Tapping on the server expansion icon ( three dots) to the right of the Canada location opens a screen that lets you select a specific server from Canada.

Connecting to the CyberGhost VPN Network Using the All Servers ListYou can also favorite a specific VPN server like Montreal-S01-i07. Notice the white filled in star. You can also see that we did indeed connect to the chosen VPN server as it now shows as the server of our last successful connection after we tap the connection “Off”.

Streaming with the CyberGhost iOS App

Now let us connect to a VPN optimized for streaming in specific countries like the United States. First tap on the list icon (downward arrow) to the right of our last connection. This opens the server lists. Tap on the Streaming list. then tap on the United States.

Selecting a Streaming Media Server with the iOS CyberGhost AppThis connected us to a VPN server in Dallas, TX. On disconnection, you can see that this is a server optimized for streaming in the United States.

Connecting Using Your Favorite VPN Sever List

The final way that you can connect to a VPN server is to first create a list of your favorite VPN servers and locations.  You can use this lists to quickly secure your Internet traffic using the CyberGhost VPN service. Notice that the Montreal server that we set as a favorite can now be connected directly to from our favorite list.

Connecting to Your Favorite CyberGhost VPN ServersAlso, you can see that the United States (streaming) is also available. Connecting to this you can see that it connected us to a server in New York this time. Disconnecting shows that this is another server in the CyberGhost network which has been optimized for streaming in the United States.

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