How to Play Counter Strike: Global Offensive with a VPN

Counter Strike Global OffensiveCounter Strike: Global Offensive, CSGO, is a very popular game despite it being made in 2012. Counter Strike is the second most popular game on Steam having a daily peak of around 529k people playing at the same time.  The game is an online shooter where you and/or your team are against the terrorist or you are the terrorist. The game being so popular can cause some lag, DDoS attacks, and slow connections.  You might also be blocked from playing at school or work.  To help fix these problems I would recommend a VPN. A VPN will change your IP address to another IP. Since it is not your IP, DDoS attacks will be stopped and you will be able to get past firewall restrictions.  Also if you pick an IP near the server you play on you will have less lag and quicker connections.

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How to Use a VPN to Play Counter Strike – CS:GO

I’ll use ExpressVPN for the example of how to use a VPN service to play CS:GO online. First you’ll want to download the app. ExpressVPN offers free client software for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition to free apps for iOS and Android.

Now that you’ve had a chance to download and install the software it’s time to connect. Launch the ExpressVPN client and select a server location. We’ll walk you through step by step using their Windows client.

  • ExpressVPN for gamingSince a lot of gamers like to connect to servers in the US, we used that country for our guide. ExpressVPN has a large network of servers located all over the world.
  • We recommend you select Lightway UDP for the best experience. For online gaming, we use either Lightway (PC) or OpenVPN UDP (mobile) because its faster than TCP. They also support IKEv2 and L2TP. We still recommend Lightway UDP for the best mix of speed and privacy protection.
  • Click the big round connect button. After a few seconds, you’ll see the area around the button turn green. There will also be a message letting you know the “VPN is ON”
  • You now have an IP address in the USA, as far as anyone can tell online. As such, you can reach any site as if you were sitting there. The same would be true if you connected to a server in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

Get ExpressVPN

It is just that easy to do. Now that you have an IP address from an ExpressVPN server in the US, you can game, browse the Internet or watch shows as if you were actually there. Connecting to a server in the UK would give you full access to geo blocked sites there as well. The same is true from any country.

As you can probably tell by now a good VPN opens access to content around the world. If you live outside the United States the service can help you access popular services like Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. You still need an account for services like Netflix but the VPN will help you watch US television shows and movies on Netflix as if you were sitting in the United States or any other region you would like to access.

CS:GO Game Highlights

Counter Strike: Global Offense, CS:GO, has you and or your team fighting other teams. You will either be Terrorist or Counter-Terroist. Each team will have to do different things depending on which team they are. Teams will also have their own set of gear, grenades, and guns.

Counter-Terrorist Guns:

  • Pistols: P2000, UPS-S, P250, Desert Eagles, Dual Berettas, CZ75 Auto, and the Five-SeveN.
  • Heavy: Nova, XM1014, and the Mag-7.
  • Submachine Guns: MP9, MP7, UMP-45, PP-Bizon, and the P90.
  • Rifles: FAMAS, M4A4, M4A1-S, SSG 08, AUG, AWP, and the SCAR-20

Counter-Terrorist Equipment:

  • Kevlar Vest
  • Kevlar and Helment
  • Zeus X27
  • Defuse Kit
  • Rescue Kit

Counter-Terrorist Grenades:

  • Incendiary grenade
  • Decoy grenade
  • HE grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke grenade

Terrorist Guns:

  • Pistols: Glock-18, P250, Desert Eagle, Dual Berettas, and the CZ75 Auto.
  • Heavy: Nova, XM1014, and the Sawed-Off.
  • Submachine Guns: MAC-10, MP7, UMP-45, PP-Bizon, and the P90.
  • Rifles: Galil AR, AK-47, SSG 08, SG 553, AWP, and the G3SG1.

Terrorist Gear:

  • Kevlar Vest
  • Kevlar and Helment
  • Zeus X27
  • C4

Terrorist Grenades:

  • Molotov cocktail
  • Decoy grenade
  • HE grenade
  • Flashbang
  • Smoke grenade

What you will do with these items is revealed in the game modes.  The game modes will put the Terrorist against the Counter-Terrorist to complete their goal to defeat the other team.  Depending on the mode you play the games might be exciting or very serious.

Game modes include:

Classic Casual / Classic Competitive:

  • Bomb Defusal: The Terrorist must plant C4 in a certain location while the Counter-Terrorist try to stop them.
  • Hostage Rescue: The Counter Terrorist must take back the hostages while the terrorist try to stop them.


  • Arsenal Demolition: Fast playing Bomb Defusal match with better weapons as the match goes on.
  • Arsenal Arms Race: You and your team try to progress through the weapons list by killing with those weapons, aka: a shorter death match
  • Death match: is available for PC only.

With all these guns and game modes there must be somewhere to play them. That is where maps come into play. Maps are where you will be located fighting. Maps are made for specific game modes. This means no one map will be exactly the same as the other, but might be a shorter version or look similar. Only a few maps are used on different game modes, but that was because they were added after the games release.

Maps include:

Bomb Defusal Maps:

  • Aztec
  • Dusk
  • Dusk 2
  • Cache
  • Cbble
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Train
  • Vertigo

Hostage Rescue Maps:

  • Assault
  • Italy
  • Militia
  • Office

Arms Race:

  • Baggage
  • Lake
  • Monastery
  • Safehouse
  • Shoots
  • Stmarc


  • Bank
  • Lake
  • Safehouse
  • Shortdust
  • Shorttrain
  • St. Marc
  • Sugarecane

Counter Strike: Global Offense, CSGO, is available on Steam for Windows and Mac. It is also available for Linux. The game sells at places like GameStop and Amazon for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is an online gunner where Terrorist fight Counter-Terrorist. There is a wide selection of guns to use. There are also a wide variety of online game modes that you can play with friends. There are tons of maps in which to play on. No matter how and where you play CS:GO, I am sure you will love playing it.

Once again I recommend using a VPN service to play Counter Strike.  A VPN will give you an IP address from the server location you choose. It will also improve performance by lowering your ping and protect you from DDoS attacks.

Enjoy all the excitement as you play CS:GO online.  Please share this post with your friends so they can enjoy gaming from anywhere in the world with a VPN.  Follow us @VPNFan for the latest deals and guides.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.