How to Watch Canale 5 Outside of Italy

Canale 5 logoIf you are from or have visited Italy, you probably already know what Canale 5 (Channel 5) is. Its’ target audience is family programming making it the most watched station in the country. Some of the shows include classic American TV shows from the 80s and 90s like Dallas, Dynasty, Baretta, Alice, Highlander, Twin Peaks, and more. Additionally, it has some great Italian shows. If you are not in Italy and want to take a closer look at this channel, you will need to use a VPN. This will help you get around any geo-restrictions.

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The content on this channel can be viewed on the website since it is a part of the Mediaset group. From this website, you may find both live programming as well as various shows normally found on the network. However, you may run into an issue if you are trying to watch the shows outside of Italy. That is because the content may be geo-blocked. That is why using a VPN is a good idea. When you connect to a VPN in Italy, you create a secure connection to a server that should be able to assist you. By signing into an Italian VPN server you can obtain an IP address inside the country while opens access to content in the region.

Here is some more information about this great station. Founded in 1980, Canale 5 was the first private TV station in the country. Since then, they have done a good job of offering hit and family shows. While many of the shows are original content from the country, they have not limited themselves to it. You can find good American shows on the network. Most of them have been well known for years but may be being seen for the first time in Italy.

Some of the best shows you can find on the network are kids shows. However, there are others that are good as well. Those include options like Mighty Max, The World of David the Gnome, Verissimo, Kinniku Banzuke, Pomeriggio Cinque, Widget, and others. Given those shows, it is not hard to see why this station is so popular. It is definitely one to take a look at.

Of course, you can access shows from other channels in the Canale 5 Network. No matter what sort of TV you are into, you can find it by taking a look. Some of the options you can choose from are news, documentaries, American drama, Italian drama, kids programming, and many more options. Those options will all be available to you if you use a VPN to connect to a server in Italy before opening the site.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.