Bunny VPN Review

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Speed13.3 Mbps
Network10 countries
WebsiteGoogle Play Store

Bunny VPN Main image

Bunny VPN is a mobile-only, free VPN developed by a company called Team Bunny VPN. That means it is only available for Android or iOS, unless you use an emulator like Bluestacks. They are the same company that developed X Light VPN. As you can see in the image, they designed the app for teens. You may also notice that the bunny in the image vaguely resembles Pikachu from Pokemon. While we like to review apps like this, we typically stay away from “free VPNs”. That’s because anything free is usually comes with a catch. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Bunnt VPN and tell you how it performs.

Even though we like the company’s thought of making privacy more “fun” for a younger audience, we don’t feel this is the right way to do it. The Google Play Store has an average rating of 4.7 stars with more than 21k reviews and more than 5 million downloads. Clearly, it is a popular app, so let’s jump right in and see why. We’ll also compare it with the well-known providers in the community to see how it performs.

How Much Does Bunny VPN Cost?

As we mentioned, Bunny VPN is free. However, they offer premium servers. You access them by doing things in the app. To get “1 VIP connection” is 100 coins. 3 VPN connections will cost you 280 coins. The last option is 5 VIP connections for 450 coins. Let’s talk about the way to gain these coins. As you can see in the image, you can earn coins by logging in, spinning the wheel, inviting friends, or watching a video. Of course, we would prefer them to have a payment method to use their product. Strangely, the images and graphics the company uses are almost identical to one of the competitors we have already reviewed. The only differences seem to be a slightly different color.

Bunny VPN Payments

About Bunny VPN

One thing that makes us wary of any VPN service is the lack of transparency. In other words, there is very little information we can find out about the company. We were unable to find any information about where the company is located. That said, we found a privacy policy for the company. Again, their policy is identical to Lion VPN. It is also vague in some places. They say they only collect personal information if you volunteer it. If you log in using any social media, they will collect information on you. They state the information they collect on you “includes, but is not limited to your social media ID, name, profile picture, gender, language, and location.”

If you take a look at the next line of the privacy statement, you see that they say “The team may combine non-personal data with personal data for the purpose of analyzing usage of the services, providing customer and technical support, managing and providing services (including managing advertisement serving) and to further develop other services and products of the team.” Of course, they say, they don’t sell data to 3rd parties. We would love to see some transparency, Since running a VPN is expensive and they have no real income apart from ads, we’d like to know how they make their money. We’d also like to see more clarity in their policy.

Where Does Bunny VPN have Servers?

Very few places. Although Bunny VPN has a number of servers in the US, they only support 10 different countries. Here is the list. Keep in mind that Bunny offers their “VIP connection” for every location except San Francisco. We’ll use the regular version for our tests.

  • Australia – Sydney
  • India – Mumbai
  • Canada – Montreal
  • France – Strasbourg
  • Netherlands – Amsterdam
  • Japan – Tokyo
  • Singapore
  • UK – London
  • Germany – Frankfurt
  • US – San Francisco, Miami, Fremont, Los Angeles, Denver, Dallas.

Bunny VPN App and Usage

Whereas we like to show features in this section, Bunny doesn’t really have many. That said, it offers a split tunneling feature where you can choose the apps you want to use it with. Unfortunately, that means it falls short on other features. There is no option to change protocols, use a kill switch, or anything else. You’ll also find that connecting to a server takes more than 15 seconds. When you compare it to the well-known providers, that feels like quite a bit of time.

Interestingly, Bunny VPN gives you the option to boost your connection, as you see in the image below to the right. If you decide to do that, though, it requires watching an ad. We also noticed that some of the ads have no X bubble. If you encounter that issue, you can try tapping the back button on the screen’s bottom right side. It is the one that looks like a “less than” symbol. The only other option is to close out of the app and reopen it to access other things. The red arrow shows where you can select the server.

Bunny VPN Usage

Does Bunny VPN Leak?

In the image below, we did not see evidence of the service exposing our IP address. However, it does show several requests from Google. Experts usually consider Google as a secure DNS provider so this is alright.

Bunny VPN DNS Leak Test

How is Performance?

We found the speeds for the non VIP version to be dreadful. Our baseline speed was approximately 457 Mbps when we checked a speed test server located in Virginia for this test. We connected to the same server with a VPN. In this image, you see that we only got a speed of 12.2 Mbps. That is roughly a 97.3% speed loss. 12.2 Mbps is still ok in some streaming instances, but if your connection is on the slower side, you may have performance issues when connected to the VPN.

Bunny VPN Speedtest

Additionally, we tested several servers in other locations. Our results were:

  • Atlanta – 12.3 Mbps97.3% speed loss
  • Tokyo – 12.9 Mbps97.2% speed loss
  • London 13.3 Mbps97.1% speed loss

Unfortunately, there are no specific protocols to choose from. Though they have several servers in each location, you’ll find speed issues on non VIP servers. While our speeds are good, we would not be able to stream some HD content. We would not recommend the VPN for watching live sporting events or other HD content.

Does Bunny VPN Unblock Streaming Services? – Netflix and BBC iPlayer Tests

Typically, we have issues with streaming services. However, we were successful when trying to use BBC iPlayer. That said, we were not so lucky with Netflix. For this test, we chose a server in Canada. We were not able to find a Canadian exclusive show. That shows that it fails the test.

Bunny VPN Streaming

Customer Service

Customer service is important if you need help. However, Bunny VPN does not offer any support. We did find a Gmail account at the bottom of the Google Play Store page, but that is the only contact available.


After considering all points we just discussed, we are not impressed. We will review some of hte positive points of the service along with opportunities for improvement. The biggest thing to know about Bunny VPN is that it is targeted toward a younger demographic that doesn’t mind watching ads and taking other steps to earn coins. They have gamified the VPN service.

Good Points

  • Free VPN access (limited speeds)
  • DNS did not leak
  • Is able to stream BBC iPlayer
  • Split tunneling feature


  • Reduce server connection times
  • Clarify privacy policy
  • Add ability to unblock Netflix regions
  • Add clear technical support for the product
  • Increase the number of server locations and speeds
  • Create native apps for desktop
  • Be more clear about jurisdiction

As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities for the Bunny VPN team to improve the service. We would not use or recommend the VPN service. When it comes to privacy, we would rather pay a few dollars a month to ensure that our data and usage is not tracked. The gamification of VPN is not our cup of tea.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.
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