Best VPNs for Blackberry

BlackberryBlackberry is a line of wireless devices that was built by a Canadian company called Research In Motion (RIM). Their first device was built in 1996 as a two-way interactive pager. In 1998, the Blackberry became the first handheld device to integrate email as well. Phone features were also added to the device. Unlike the phones of the day, Blackberry was one of the first devices to feature a full keyboard for easier messaging. RIM has since changed their name to Blackberry Limited, and has joined the ranks of other Smartphone companies. If you have a Blackberry and browse the web, we suggest you use a VPN.

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Whereas Blackberry’s operating system was called Blackberry OS, it was announced in September of 2015 that new versions of the device would be moving to an Android based operating system called Priv. That move is an interesting choice, because 85% of the world’s Smartphones operate on Android. By making this move, Blackberry has the potential to recapture some of their lost market share, and have access to apps that could not be accessed previously.

One of the more famous features of the Blackberry, is called Blackberry Messenger (BBM). That is a program that was extremely popular in the later half of the 2000’s, and could be used as a communication tool between Blackberry users. Once cross-platform messengers started to become popular, many began to move away from it. In 2013, Blackberry Limited launched a cross-platform version of BBM, and has gained over 1/4 of a billion users to date. BBM offers many of the features found in modern day chat apps such as video calling, changing user icons, and calling by using a VoIP system. BBM is free to download, but the service starts at $23.88 a year for the normal version, or $29.99 for the protected version. The last one offers full end to end encryption, plus additional protections.

As well as BBM works for secure messaging, browsing the web leaves you vulnerable, unless you use a VPN. If you are on the Priv operating system, you have many options for your Blackberry. Specifically, you want to look for the OpenVPN protocol, because it is the fastest and most secure. If your Blackberry device is a bit older and uses the Blackberry OS, you may need to use the protocol called IKEv2. There are several advantages to using a VPN while conducting business, or even surfing the web.

The first advantage is privacy. The last thing any user needs is for their data to be vulnerable to theft or harm, no matter what they choose to do online. By using a VPN, you will add an extra layer of end to end encryption. Have you ever searched for a product online and begun to see ads for that product or similar ones? That is because of the tracking that is being used. A good VPN service will stop that from happening.

Secondly, with a VPN, you have the ability to unblock content. If you travel to or live in a country that has a restrictive internet policy,  a VPN can be a crucial tool. In countries like China for instance, it is difficult to conduct any sort of business without using one. The other type of content blocking would also be defeated by using a VPN. Imagine you wanted to stream video from a different country. If you are not located in that country, chances are you would recieve a lovely message telling you that the content is restricted unless you are located there. All you would have to do is connect to a server in that country, and the VPN would help you gain access.

With any luck, you can see the advantages of finding a good provider to use with your Blackberry. Perhaps we have even shown you possible uses that had not occured to you. The VPN providers we list here are the overall best choices for Blackberry, based on security, speed, price, and numbers of servers. They are all well known companies in the privacy space, and have agreed to give our readers a good deal. If your privacy is important to you, we urge you to take advantage of our rates with there providers. There are other choices you can make from our VPN top 10 list, but you should not have to.  We feel you will get great results from any of the ones we mention here.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.