Best VPNs for Warface

WarfaceWarface is an unusual game that is a cooperative cooking simulation game. It is was developed by Team17 and Ghost Town Games. Platform-wise, it is available for Windows, Nintendo Switch, MacOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game pairs up 8 players in 2 teams of 4 to cooperatively prepare and cook orders in absurd restaurants and was released in August 2018. In the current gaming climate, the game is a lot of fun and will be for the foreseeable feature. That is the biggest reason we suggest that you connect to a VPN. We can talk about that in a moment. Before we do, though, let’s take a look at the best VPNs for Warface.

RankVPN ServiceRatingServer
1ExpressVPN9.8160Visit ExpressVPN
2NordVPN9.487Visit NordVPN
3Private Internet Access9.295Visit PIA

As we mentioned, this one is a cooperative cooking game. Players gather, chop, cook ingredients, combine them on plates, serve dishes, and wash dishes. Between coordinating short orders and bumping into each other’s characters, the game can certainly be overwhelming. However, the graphics, play style, and game design make this one worth checking out as a sequel that delivers.

After taking a look at the game, you can see that lag could be a big problem. One of the advantages to connecting to a VPN, however, is the ability to choose a region that is not as busy as your normal one. Whether you are playing by yourself or with your friends, you may very well encounter lag because of the number of people playing at any given time. Lag can make the difference between living or getting your champions wiped out in battle. Sometimes, internet service providers follow traffic patterns so that they can throttle performance. If that happens to you while you are playing, you could be left standing there. When you connect to a VPN to encrypt your traffic, you stop your ISP from seeing your patterns.

What is the Best VPN for Warface?

This game is fun, and despite the seemingly juvenile feel, many enjoy it. That is why we need to take a look at the most important factors. In this case, that involves lag. After doing so, we can tell you what the best VPN for Warface is.

  • Providers with strong military-grade encryption to help protect you from DDoS attacks and protect your privacy
  • Fast servers in different regions to provide you with the best possible speeds while playing Warface
  • Providers with the ability to get around firewalls while at work or school so you can access the game no matter where you are
  • High network stability to help avoid disconnects while playing the game

Below, you can see some of the best VPNs for Warface.

1. Best VPN for Warface: ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Devices

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ExpressVPN offers browser extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers in addition to its list of VPN apps. The custom apps support Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. They also offer a MediaStreamer feature. That is relatively rare in the community, but it can be beneficial, depending on your online activities. Coupled with their split tunneling feature, you can easily choose the apps or browsers you want to filter through your VPN connection. Split tunneling is a feature that many providers do not offer, but it can really be helpful.

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2. Best VPN for Warface: NordVPN

NordVPN devices

With over 5100 servers located in 59 countries, NordVPN has a massive network. That is an excellent thing if you are trying to make sure you get high speeds. Of course, encryption overhead can quickly slow down your connection. They have you covered no matter what you plan on doing while using it. NordVPN does well to offer you the best possible speeds so you can enjoy the positive benefits of connecting to a VPN.

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3. Best VPN for Warface: PIA

Private Internet Access devices

As internet speeds continue to increase around the world, more and more streaming services gain popularity. Fortunately, that means Private Internet Access can help you see the ones you want to. If you have a specific streaming service in mind, the provider makes it easy. With their simple setup, all you have to do is pick a server in the country you want to use. Then, connect to the right one and you are on your way to watching your favorite shows or movies.

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A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.