Best VPNs for VUDU

WalmartVUDU is a media company and content delivery system. Though they started initially making their own set top boxes, they have licensed their technology to the the likes of Roku and Smart TV, and now offer a standalone video streaming service for TV and Movies. Unlike other streaming services with monthly fees, Vudu offers a pay as you go system. This allows them to get movies around the same time they get released on DVD, or sometimes even sooner. Since Vudu’s parent company is Walmart, you also have the ability to get digital copies of movies purchased there added to your VUDU account. Currently, the VUDU service is only available in the US.  Those outside the US will want to use a VPN to avoid the geo-blocking and access Vudu.

Top 5 VPNs for VUDU

RankVPN ServiceVPN Fan
5Private Internet Access$3.49PIA52CheckboxCheckbox

It is clear that VUDU has a good idea. Because it is pay as you go, the service is free, but you either have to have credits on your account, or have a method of payment tied to your account. You would have access to more movies because of this model, since licensing deals do not really have to be negotiated. There are over 18,000 movies in the VUDU catalog. Credits to rent or purchase movies may be be purchased online, or at a Walmart store. Depending on whether you wish to watch the movie later, or just rent it, you will be charged different amounts. To rent a movie, you select the movie or show you wish to see, and you have access to it for a certain amount of time.

As we mentioned, VUDU offers TV shows and movies. It is also interesting to note that you could buy seasons or episodes of shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or American Titans. With over 5k shows available, the possibilities are endless, especially with all genres represented for TV and movies. Another interesting feature of this service is something we have not seen other streaming services do. They have reviews from watchers on the site like most others, but they have also scraped reviews from the popular movie review website, Rotten Tomatoes. That is extraordinary, because many people use Rotten Tomatoes to read movie critic and watcher reviews. With this information being so readily available, it gives the member the opportunity to decide if they want to spend the money to see the movie or skip it.

All of this sounds good, but what is the catch? The VUDU service is only available in the US, at least without using a VPN. If you are traveling abroad, or living in another country,  you would certainly be blocked from viewing VUDU. By using a VPN however, you could gain access to this bastion of American media. America has many great movies and great TV, so you do not have to miss out just because of your location.

How does a VPN work? A VPN creates a secure connection to a server, possibly in another country. By doing this, you could gain access to VUDU and view whatever you wish. As long as you pick a server in the US, you should be just fine. As far as protocols go, you would choose the OpenVPN (UDP) protocol because that is the fastest. With video streaming, speed is crucial, especially since you need a connection speed of at least 1 mbps. If you have connection problems, you could switch to OpenVPN (TCP), but either way OpenVPN is the option to use. The providers we mention all have custom clients so setup is easy.

If you want to secure your data and access VUDU, we recommend ExpressVPN. They do not keep logs and manage a fast network in the United States and beyond. ExpressVPN also has a SmartDNS service built in that would allow you to stream without the extra overhead of encryption. If you have the net speed though, we would always recommend using encryption. We would never suggest exchanging speed for privacy.

Please have a look at our top 10 VPN services list for different choices, but we do not think you will need to. ExpressVPN is the best overall, based on speed, reliability, and worldwide server networks. Top providers will secure your privacy and have fast networks in many different counties, but the information you need is here.