Best VPNs for TuneIn

TuneInThe TuneIn streaming service has made a name for itself by offering users access to over 100,000 radio stations and millions of on-demand programs.  TuneIn has decided to give their fans even more options as they launched a premium package on August 25th that includes access to MLB games, Premier League matches, Bundesliga games, 40,000 audiobooks, and over 600 commercial-free music stations.  The service launched to users in the US, UK, and Canada. Those outside of these regions may use a VPN to listen to TuneIn from anywhere in the world.

Top 5 VPNs for TuneIn

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Editors ChoiceExpressVPNExpressVPN priceVisit Site
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2NordVPNNordVPN priceVisit Site
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3CyberGhostCyberGhost priceVisit Site
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4IPVanishIPVanish priceVisit Site
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5Private Internet AccessPIA priceVisit Site
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Started in Dallas, TX in 2002, founder Bill Moore wanted a way for people to stream from all kinds of radio stations located all over the world. We mentioned the premium version of this service already, but there is also a free version. Over the years of TuneIn’s existence, they have built a base of over 50 million active users, worldwide. With those kinds of numbers, it is not hard to see how they got the contracts to broadcast the events.

According to TuneIn, their premium service will be offered for $7.99 USD a month and only offered in those three countries for now. They did however promise they would offer their premium service to more markets soon. That does you no good if you are a Chelsea fan (or any other premier team) and you are living outside those areas. Even if you are in the UK, there are media restrictions for premier league games because of blackout regulations. That is when a VPN would be crucial.

By finding this post, you may already know what a VPN is. But just in case you don’t, a virtual private network (VPN) is software that creates a secure connection to a server, possibly in another country, depending on your purpose. Let’s look at the reason for using one in this situation. A VPN may be used to unblock access to geo-restricted content. In other words, if you are traveling to a country outside of those areas, or even have your local access restricted, you just connect to a location that does not have that issue. The Geo-blocking technology identifies a user’s location based on IP address. This technology creates a barrier that will either keep blocked content in or out, again depending on your purpose. By selecting a server in a different country, you could get around these restrictions.

VPNs have another advantage as well, but it is not relevant to gaining access. They will provide a layer of encryption for your internet activity. That is, however, useful in other ways. It is simply part of the service, and a good part as well. There are still plenty of people that would love to hack your sensitive data. We have several companies we work with that will provide you with a good experience.

No matter which company you go with, they will have different protocols you may use. All of the selections we offer here use secure encryption, but choosing the OpenVPN protocol will always provide you with the best protection. If speed is of the essence, you would use OpenVPN (UDP). That is the best option for TuneIn, VoIP, Skype , online gaming, or even using streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Pandora. The data is not guaranteed to get there, but typically there is not an issue. If you have connection issues or problems with the connection dropping, your best choice would be OpenVPN (TCP). The TCP version is not quite as fast, but the data goes through error checking. For streaming via a mobile network, there are also other good protocols including L2TP and IKEv2 for security. Now that we have gone over that, we will go over our choices for providers.

If you want to unblock content or secure your data, we recommend ExpressVPN. They don’t keep logs and have a kill switch feature, so you are protected if the connection disconnects. For using streaming services like TuneIn, Netflix, or Hulu, ExpressVPN again is the best choice. Because they offer a mobile client, and have the a very large VPN network, you would only need to connect, and you would could enjoy streaming from other countries, as is the case with TuneIn’s premium service.

For only accessing geo-restricted content, your best option is to go with the ExpressVPN MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) feature. This will aid in unblocking channels without the slight speed loss. Of course, it depends if the SmartDNS unblocks the specific channel you wish to see. We would recommend using the encrypted choice. We would not suggest trading security for speed. Whereas speed is a problem if you are trying to stream in some cases, as long as you don’t see any quality difference, that extra layer of encryption is worth any speed you would possibly lose. ExpressVPN members have full access to both services and can switch between them anytime.

feel free to look at our other options on our top 10 VPN services page. That said, we have picked the best services overall, so you should not have to. We used security, price, and speed as the criteria behind our selections. In addition, we also picked the companies with large numbers of network servers you may wish to connect to in the key countries, as well as others. To look for  a dependable VPN provider, choose the ones that will secure your privacy and have fast networks for streaming from other countries.