Best VPNs for the Lifetime Movie Club

Lifetime Movie ClubA+E Networks announced that Lifetime was going to follow the lead of other cable channels, and offer an over the top streaming service called the Lifetime Movie Club. Over the top means that programming from the station is offered on it’s own without being controlled by a cable or satellite company. Lifetime is the latest channel in the popular rush of stations to cater to a group of individuals the industry refers to as cord cutters. On this 30th anniversary year of making movies, LMC will offer more than 30 movies, refreshed weekly. Just like with the other services, this channel would be inaccessible outside of the US and territories but you can watch it from anywhere with a VPN.

RankVPN ServicePriceVisitServer
1ExpressVPN$6.67Visit ExpressVPN160CheckboxCheckboxCheckbox
2NordVPN$3.49Visit NordVPN87CheckboxCheckboxCheckbox
3Private Internet Access$2.19Visit PIA110CheckboxCheckbox
4IPVanish$3.99Visit IPVanish73Checkbox
5StrongVPN$3.66Visit StrongVPN46Checkbox

Here is a list of the features of this new streaming service.

  • commercial free
  • new movies added weekly
  • $3.99 a month after a one week free trial
  • no cable or satellite subscription needed.

LMC has a few differences that may be sticking points for some. For one, unlike it’s competitors, the club does not offer a linear feed. So if you wanted to see a movie at the time it is aired, you would have to actually watch it on TV. The second difference is in regards to the available platforms. Lifetime Movie Club is currently only available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. There is no current mention of other platforms however, the Apple exclusivity may only be temporary, like HBO’s was.

A good point of the service involves the commercial free status. Some of the other OTT services offered in the market today have periodic commercials when streaming content. That said, those same stations also stream live content. Perhaps by not offering a live streaming option, they can choose not to have commercials.

If you can’t get enough of made for TV movies, and you want to be able to watch movies like Flowers in the Attic, Coco Chanel, A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story, The Trip to Bountiful, Too Young to Marry, and Dawn Anna, this is the service for you.

Not surprisingly, the LMC is only available in the US and US territories. That means if you plan on traveling outside of the US, or if you live outside of the US, you would be blocked from access without a VPN. That sort of blocking is called geo-blocking. Geo-blocking is done as a way to limit access to a certain geographical area because of contractual licensing rights.

With a VPN however, you would be able to unblock to this service. A VPN service would be able to assist you in two distinct ways. The first way is by unblocking content, and the second is adding security to your browsing by using encryption. Once you select a good VPN company, your next step would be to download the client. After that, you would select the country you wish to use. In the case of LMC, you would pick any server in the US, and click the connect icon. We recommend using ExpressVPN in this case. They have a fast network in the US, and you would be able to easily stream LMC by using it.

The same would be true if you want to use any of the other popular streaming services like Netflix. You could connect to any region of Netflix you wish, as well as have access to content that is unavailable where you are located. Why should you have to miss out on different content, simply because of geo-blocking?

VPN services offer encryption. Though you may be tempted to watch without security, we would not recommend it. Everywhere you turn, you hear of people getting personal data stolen. ExpressVPN does not keep logs on browsing history, so there is no need to worry about that part. Truly, the best way to protect your personal data is by using the encryption that a VPN service would provide.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Devices

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If you are a fan of certain sports teams like those you may find in the English Premier League, you can watch some of the games on the BBC iPlayer website. Of course, you would need to be in the UK. However, if you are not, you will want to connect to a UK VPN server. To watch BBC coverage of your favorite football team or any other sports from outside the region, you would simply connect a server located there. That way, you can enjoy seeing your team lay waste to the competition.

ExpressVPN launched in 2009 and has grown into a premier VPN service. Whether you want to protect your privacy online, enjoy your favorite streaming services while traveling, or watch live sports, ExpressVPN is a great choice. You can rely on their network for fast, stable connections. This is true for VPN users and those who rely on their MediaStreamer feature to extend functionality to game consoles and more. We suggest signing up for our ExpressVPN deal which includes 3 months free when you subscribe for 12 months. The savings, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee make ExpressVPN an excellent choice.

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2. NordVPN

NordVPN devices

If you play one of the many games that are available through an internet browser, we suggest that you connect to a VPN server by using NordVPN. While browser games are fun, you may have noticed that they can sometimes take a while to load. Often, that is because of the processes or ads that are trying to load on the page. Some companies even create free games to spread their malware. By turning on the NordVPN CyberSec feature, however, you can block annoying ads and potentially avoid malware that could cause harm.

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3. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access devices

If you are going to visit a country or you live in a region that censors content, Private Internet Access is an excellent option to use. With the various safeguards and features that the company has, you will be able to defeat this type of censorship. Whether you are trying to access social networks, political discourse websites, or any other kind of banned content, you can be sure that Private Internet Access will help you access all the content you want to see.

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4. IPVanish

IPVanish devices

If you stream a lot of content, you may encounter what is known as library fatigue. That is when you have seen virtually all that you want to on a particular service. Since international services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have different libraries based on location, you will want to connect to a VPN server from IPVanish. That way, if you are bored with the current content available, you only have to change the VPN server region to be able to access others. Then, watch all you want.

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5. StrongVPN

StrongVPN devices

If you are someone that likes to travel abroad, it is not hard to see that you could miss out on your favorite sports. That is why you would want to connect to a VPN from StrongVPN. What you need to do is select a server from your home region. By doing so, you can watch your favorites, no matter what they are. From watching the English Premier League, if you are from the UK to watching hockey from the CBC, StrongVPN has you covered.

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A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.