Best VPNs for Mexico

MexicoMexico is the southern neighbor of the USA as well as being the 11th most populous country in the world. It is also home to some lost indigenous civilizations like the Aztecs and the Mayans. Currently, the newly industrialized Mexico is considered to be an emerging power. It is estimated that by 2050, they will have the fifth largest economy in the world. Though there are a few personal data measures in place, there does not seem to be much in the way of enforcement. Because of that, you would want to use a VPN in Mexico.

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There are some large problems in Mexico, but for the sake of space, we will only mention the ones that pertain to this topic. As mentioned, the Mexican government has some privacy laws in place. They seem to be pretty standard, and they are good first steps toward protecting Mexican citizens. However, a law that is not enforced does little good. Though there is no official policy on the government monitoring data, if they feel like it, they will not hesitate. If you plan on traveling to Mexico, and want to use the internet, you won’t want to do so without using a VPN.

Online, Mexico’s broadband coverage is good. Better then 1/4th of the population uses fixed high speed broadband, and there are 100 million cellphones there. In a country that only has 113 million people, saturation for the internet is nearly 100%. That kind of access can lend itself to piracy. Not only is online piracy an issue, but what is called hard piracy also poses a problem. Hard piracy is the physical selling of pirated material either in a stall, or on the street. Mexico is on the IIPA’s watch list for 2015, despite making some small gains as of late. Again, we run in to a problem with enforcement of rules.

Let’s look in to some reasons to use a virtual private network. Of course, the first reason is security of your important data. By using a VPN, you create a private, secure, encrypted connection to a server that could possibly be in another country if you wanted to be. Clearly, the encryption will protect your data. Why would you want to connect to another country if you have servers in your own country? Let’s say you had a paid subscription to the premium streaming service, Netflix. Though you have access to the 4th largest Netflix library in the world, Mexico only offers 42% of the number of titles offered in the US. That is because Netflix and others block access to different regions by using a technology called geo-blocking. By selecting a VPN in the US, you would have access to all the titles just like being there. The same could be said for any other country you would connect to.

So what service should you use and is it easy to set up? Luckily, we have some good options for Mexico, depending on what you want to accomplish with a VPN, and yes, setup is easy. For securing your privacy or unblocking content, we have selected ExpressVPN. If the government ever begins to monitor internet traffic, it is good to know that ExpressVPN doesn’t keep logs and they have a kill switch feature, so your browsing habits are safeguarded. Using the OpenVPN protocol would be your best idea whenever possible. For streaming services, ExpressVPN again is our selection. They have a fast, reliable network, and offer a mobile client as well, so you could connect to the US, or anywhere else. OpenVPN (UDP) is the best protocol for streaming.

If you just want to unblock geo-restricted content, you can use the ExpressVPN MediaStreamer (Smart DNS) feature. It will help you unblock channels without the slight speed loss of encryption. We can’t honestly advise you to go without encryption though. The slight speed loss you will encounter is outweighed by the benefits of having your data protected. Once you make a choice, simply download the software and pick a country. From that point, you can unblock access by pushing the connect button.

You are welcome to look at our top 10 VPN services if you want different choices, but the selections we have made here should keep you happy. We chose these providers for Mexico over other leading services based on security, price, regional locations, and speed. We also looked for services with a good network of VPN servers you could connect to in your region. Reliable VPN providers will provide fast networks for streaming HD content from other locations as well as protecting your privacy.