Best VPNs for Iran

IranIran is an ancient country located in western Asia. It is also home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Originally called Persia, Iran has seen it’s share of ups and downs. Most of the inhabitants of the land are Shi’ite Muslims and the primary language spoken is still Persian . We all know well about the variety of laws regarding the internet all over the world. Iran, of course, is no stranger to censorship and has no qualms about blocking access to websites. With that, you can still use a good VPN service to access content that has been blocked.

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After the coup instigated by the UK in 1953, Iran gradually became more and more autocratic. By 1979, as Iranians began to embrace western culture, there was growing dissent that led to a revolution that same year. In 1979, Iran became an Islamic republic and has all but shunned anything they see as un-Islamic.

Anyone that thinks their country’s internet laws are too strict, clearly does not live in Tehran, Iran. Even though the internet is dreadfully slow and heavily monitored in Iran, that does not stop businesses from relying on it there. In 2012, The Iranian government began testing it’s closed Intranet with the stated goal that will “insulate it’s citizens from Western ideology and un-Islamic culture, and eventually replace the Internet.” There is, however a very limited internet access to what the government calls a white list.

The real problem with the government idea of replacing the internet is one of awareness. Iran tried to implement a system similar to the one used in North Korea. In North Korea, the internet is not accessible to most of the country, and because of this long time policy, most are unaware it even exists. Iranians on the other hand, are overly aware the internet exists and will go through a lot of steps to make sure they have access to the web. Once freedom is tasted, it can not be “un-tasted”.

That is when a VPN service comes in to play. Despite being painfully slow, the group of young people referred to as millennials, are still gaining access to the outside world. A staggering 3/5ths of young Iranians are on Facebook and spend an average of 9 hours on social media every day. Additionally, as of 2014,  almost 70% of the millennials have reported using some sort of anti-internet blocking software to gain access to blocked sites.

There are many choices in the types of VPNs to pick but thankfully,  we have some splendid suggestions for Iran. All of them have custom clients so simply choose a country, hit the button, and magically, you are surfing the web. The options all use secure protocols and encryption levels, however, using the OpenVPN protocol will always be your best selection.

If your primary goal is online privacy I would suggest ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access. Both offer no-logs and have a kill switch feature in their client just in case you receive unexpected guests. If you feel like battling the speeds and want to try to stream things online, say from the premium streaming service like Netflix, my suggestion is for ExpressVPN. They have a very large network, and you would be able to easily connect to those libraries of content. Of course, you would need to have a paid subscription if you plan to access any of the premium channels as well as a VPN.

If you are traveling outside of Iran and you want to be able to see some of your favorite Iranian programming, we recommend ExpressVPN MediaStreamer. The Smart DNS feature will help you unblock channels without the overhead of encryption. With channels like VOA Persia, Iran NTV, BBC Persian, Irib TV1-5, and Irib Namayesh and more, why miss a single moment?

You can read over our list of the top 10 VPN services if you’d like more suggestions, but we think you will be pleased with any of the VPNs in this post. We have selected them over other leading VPN services based on privacy (log policy and encryption), availability of server locations, speed, reliability, and price. We also looked for services with a good network of VPN servers in the region.  You’ll want a reliable VPN provider to help secure your online privacy.  You may also want a fast network to stream HD content in other countries.  The services shared in the post are the best VPNs for privacy and to unblock geo-restrictions for popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, and many other popular channels as well.