Best VPNs for Dubai


Dubai is the most populous city located in the United Arab Emirates. This city of just over 2 million has emerged as a global city, and is considered an important hub in the Middle East. Whereas some of the country’s wealth came from oil initially, today, less than 5% comes from that source. In 2020, Dubai is scheduled to host the World’s Expo. If you are planning on traveling there, you will want to use a VPN.

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Evidence shows remnants of a settlement in Dubai that was part of an ancient mangrove swamp 7,000 years ago. The earliest mention of the city in a book dates back to 1095. Today, the city is known for it’s skyscrapers, multiple construction projects, and recent sports events that will be hosted there. It is also known for the Dubai Internet City, a technology park that features a guaranteed economic free zone for 50 years. Because of this zone, many major international companies have opened offices in Dubai. The western style of business has proved to be profitable for the city, making it the 22nd most expensive city in the world, and the most expensive city in the Middle East. Despite it’s style, the city still retains the values of the Islamic culture.

Given this fact, let’s discuss why you would want to use a VPN if you were visiting Dubai. The first reason to use a VPN has to do with privacy. Laws there are still pretty strict, and the government of Dubai has been known to monitor their citizens from time to time. Also, with the amount of wealth and tourists that visit, many people are just waiting to separate the tourist from their money, or even their private data. By using a VPN, you add a layer of encryption to internet activities, so you can ensure your sensitive data is protected. There is nothing worse than going to a place like Dubai and having your identity stolen, just because you did not take precautions.

The second reason has to do with the way a VPN works. When you use one, you create a secure connection to a server that may be located in a different country. Because of that, any websites blocked by the government could be unblocked. Since every country has their own rules, there are websites that the leadership may consider to be sensitive or offensive to Islam. Using a VPN will enable you to see them.

Another benefit to using a VPN is another type of blocking. As an example, imagine you wanted to watch something on BBC iPlayer while you were in Dubai. You would receive a message letting you know that the material is not available outside of the UK. The same would be true if you have a streaming service like Netflix. Using your VPN there would mean you could connect to any region of Netflix you wished to, even the US version. There are other benefits to connecting to US servers there. There are several streaming channels like Hulu and the music streaming service Pandora that are only available in very few countries. For some companies, there is another advantage. Often times, there is sensitive data stored on the servers of the company. Those companies allow access to that information, providing you have a VPN to encrypt the data.

And there you have it. There are some great reasons to use a VPN while in Dubai. You may be able to think of other scenarios, but that should provide some good ideas. The VPNs we mention in our table above are all well known in the privacy space, and are the best choices overall. We used price, security, server locations, and speed as our criteria in choosing the ones we list. The bests providers are the ones that offer a quality service at a reasonable price. Fortunately, all of the ones on our list do, and we feel that any of our choices will meet your needs.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.