Best VPNs for Vietnam

VietnamVietnam (officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) is a country of 127k square miles located in Southeast Asia. Even with its’ small size, it is home to the 14th largest population on earth. While there are beautiful places located in this long country, it is most widely known for the carnage of the Vietnam war. Because of reforms, the economy has grown rapidly over the last 3 decades. If you are going to travel to Vietnam for tourism or business, you will need to connect to a VPN before considering using their public internet. There are several reasons we will share in a moment but have a look at our list of the best VPNs for Vietnam first.

RankVPN ServiceOur
1ExpressVPN9.8160Visit ExpressVPN
2NordVPN9.487Visit NordVPN
3Private Internet Access9.295Visit PIA
4CyberGhost9.0110Visit CyberGhost
5IPVanish8.873Visit IPVanish

In Prehistoric Vietnam, fossils from Homo Erectus may be found. They date back 500k years. In more modern times, the country gained full independence in 938 AD. Since that time, there have been many changes in the country. Today, Vietnam is considered to have a Marxist-Leninist one-party socialist republic government. The country’s leadership is often made up of people that have worked their way up through the ranks of society.

Being in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has a wide variety of different climates. Those range from the humid subtropical climate of the North and the Tropical Savannah and Monsoon climate across the rest of the country. The temperature is typically warm but rainy conditions are common. If you are heading there, be sure to take some rain gear.

Internet Access and Privacy in Vietnam

If you are in Vietnam and you want to work or browse the web, you are in luck. WiFi is widely available in the country. Only 2% of hotels and restaurants are not WiFi enabled, so almost everywhere you go you can find it. Because of the good speeds and frequency, using a VPN to protect your privacy is crucial. You can expect criminals or the Vietnamese government to monitor internet traffic from places with public WiFi. No matter what sensitive data you want to protect from personal financial records to company secrets, using a VPN to encrypt your data makes it much more difficult for your info to be compromised.

Another good reason to use a VPN is because of censorship and geo-blocking. Much like the Great Firewall of China, the Vietnamese version is called the Bamboo Firewall. If you try to access an unapproved site, the internet police will come talk to you. By connecting to a server in another country, you can get around these types of limitations.

As you can see, there are some very good reasons to use a VPN while in Vietnam. Whether you want to protect your privacy from the eyes of the government, the eyes of criminals, or get around censorship, using a VPN is a good idea. With the number of choices available, it can be hard to pick a good service. As we mentioned, a VPN protects your privacy by using encryption.

How to Choose a VPN for Vietnam

Many of the providers we listed will give you a choice between protocols. The one you should use most often is OpenVPN. That is because it is considered to be the top choice in the community. If you are given the option between the UDP and TCP version, both will do the job nicely. The difference is, UDP is faster, so it may be preferable. If you have connection issues, you’ll want to check out the TCP version. Though it is slower, you have a better chance of keeping your connection up. However, the internet there is usually fast and stable.

For some other options, please look at our top 10 VPN services list. We think you’ll be satisfied with the choices we gave you above, though. The options are based on security, speed, reliability, and price. They are also providers with a good network of VPN servers in Southeast Asia. That way, you can have the best speeds. Of course, they all have great networks. Speed is important if you plan on accessing, downloading, streaming, or even video chat. We hope our guide will help you make a good decision and find the right option for you.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.