Best VPNs for North Korea

North KoreaSince the Korean War never officially ended, North Korea and South Korea are still technically at war. The country of North Korea is one of the most, if not the most oppressive county in the world. It has some beautiful places that could be visited and has a lot of potential if it is ever opened up. If you have a need to travel to North Korea, accessing the internet is nearly impossible without the government’s permission. Here is a list of VPNs that may work in North Korea but we suggest avoiding the Internet all together while there.

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North Korea has long been established and its’ first dynasty dates back to before 194 BCE. The capital city of the country is called Pyongyang. While the country is still somewhat using a Marxist-Leninist belief system, they have their own specific ideology called Juche. It is estimated that there are 25 million people in the country, but that number is not truly known. Surprisingly, there are very few problems with traffic and pollution because only the government has access to vehicles.

In the month of January, the average high temperature in the country is 27ºF and the average low is 9ºF. In the month of August, the average high is 84ºF and the average low is 68ºF. Winters in the country are generally clear with interspersed snowstorms because of winds that blow in from Siberia and the summers are humid and rainy. If you need to visit North Korea then the weather is probably the least of your concerns.

 Internet Access and Lack of Privacy in North Korea

The general public does not have access to the internet, but international travelers get limited access. That is primarily done through expensive wireless plans. You need to have special permission to use it. Communications are generally routed through China. Typically, if there are computers in the country, they run the Red Star operating system. They usually only have access to the 23 websites available inside the country. If you are able to gain access to the internet there, you should be very careful of your actions.

Whereas a VPN would be a nice tool to protect your privacy, the most recent information we could find states that VPNs are banned. We can not in good conscience suggest using one because it could result in some dire consequences, even as a traveler. Though there may not be a specific policy at the time you are reading this post, that is not a risk we advise taking.

We hope this post has helped you clear up some questions about using a VPN in North Korea. Though there may be some that may work, it is not worth endangering yourself just to post something.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.