Best VPNs for Nashville in 2022 for Safety and Fast Streaming


Nashville is the state capital of Tennessee, and most consider it to be Music City USA. Many people have looked for alternatives to other destinations in the last several years and found Nashville. If you are one of them or plan on checking it out soon, you’ll want to add a VPN to your packing list. Although it won’t take up extra space in your bag, it will help you stream live events, protect your privacy, and more. You’ll want to “unpack” a VPN service whenever you connect to the internet. Let’s look to see what they have to offer for the city.

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Short on time? Here are the best VPNs for Nashville in 2022

  1. ExpressVPNour favorite provider to use in Nashville. Their extremely fast Lightway protocol, vast server network, privacy features, and 24/7 customer support make it an excellent choice to use while in the city. Try ExpressVPN risk-free for 30 days.
  2. NordVPN – if you are looking for servers outside Nashville but still in the region, NordVPN has you covered. They offer an adblocker, WireGuard protocol (NordLynx), and up to six simultaneous devices. Those will help you stay safe and unblock geo-restricted content.
  3. CyberGhost – more than 7600 servers worldwide gives you a high chance of getting good speeds while in Nashville. With servers in 90 countries, split tunneling, and a 45-day money-back guarantee, you can’t go wrong by using CyberGhost in Nashville.
  4. Surfshark – provides you with a way to take a bite out of the competition. When using it in Nashville, you can enjoy unlimited simultaneous connections, their high-speed RAM-only servers, an adblocker, and more. Those features make SurfShark a popular choice.
  5. HMA Pro VPN – the only VPN in our list that offers Nashville IP addresses. Their vast network gives you access to more than 210 countries. When you combine all the regions, the local servers it offers, up to five simultaneous servers, and more, HMA is a good VPN choice for Nashville.
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Best VPNs for Nashville – A Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at some of the VPNs we recommend for Nashville:

1. ExpressVPN – fast VPN servers make it perfect for streaming


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Nashville is not a large city, but ExpressVPN holds the top spot in our provider list. While it doesn’t offer any servers in this long state, it offers locations in Atlanta. Because that is roughly 250 miles away, it’ll provide you with good speeds on their vast network. It does that with several tools, including their encryption protocols. They offer the three options of IKEv2, Lightway (exclusive to ExpressVPN), and the industry-standard, OpenVPN. With those, you’ll find Lightway is the fastest because of low overhead and excellent encryption.

There are advantages to using a close server to Nashville, but not in the same market. Nashville has the Tennessee Titans from the NFL and the Nashville Predators from the NHL of the four top-tier sports leagues. Because you can connect to a VPN in a different region, you’ll get the “out-of-market” status. That means getting around sports blackouts so you can watch Nashville online while in the city. If you like sports there, you’re in luck.

Though many places in the city have great internet, not every business or residence does. Speed does not matter so much when you’re trying to protect your privacy, but it’s different when you’re streaming. Fortunately, ExpressVPN can help you with some of its features. These include split tunneling (so you don’t have to encrypt everything), a kill switch, and their SmartDNS service, MediaStreamer. While the last one won’t encrypt your internet traffic, you won’t have to worry about encryption slowness.

ExpressVPN has a 24/7 support staff and an FAQ section to help you, no matter what you want to do. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and up to five simultaneous connections. That way, you can enjoy all the benefits of the service.

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2. NordVPN – hosts servers near Nashville in Atlanta and St. Louis


With NordVPN, the provider gives you two server locations close to Nashville. They are in Atlanta and St. Louis, which is about 50 miles further away. Both locations are close enough so you can enjoy excellent speeds, but far enough away so you won’t have to deal with Nashville sports blackouts and other geo-restricted content.

Good speeds and a reliable network are essential in Nashville, especially if you want to use a streaming service with multiple libraries. That said, NordVPN offers more than 5200 servers in 60 countries. That’ll allow you to watch your favorite content from home if you are visiting Nashville from abroad or exploring new libraries from the US.

NordVPN has excellent security. It provides that in Nashville by using several techniques. These include using next-generation encryption protocols like WireGuard (called NordLynx in this case), OpenVPN, and IKEv2. NordLynx is the fastest and has a low amount of encryption overhead.

They have 24/7 support and allow up to six simultaneous devices. That can be useful when you’re using public networks that may be slower, such as at a concert or event in Nashville. When you combine the speed with security features like split tunneling, a kill switch, and others, NordVPN is a reasonable choice for Nashville.

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3. CyberGhost – specialized servers for P2P and gaming


CyberGhost has a massive network of over 7600 servers worldwide, and you can take advantage of that when in Nashville. Very few providers have servers in the city, but fortunately, most have servers in Atlanta. That includes 58 for CyberGhost, there. All those servers mean you can find a fast option to provide you with the best possible speeds.

Of course, CyberGhost’s speeds are not the only factors to pay attention to while in Nashville. The company has top-of-the-line security protocols and features. The protocols include IKEv2 (a great mobile option), OpenVPN (the gold standard for encryption), and WireGuard (this protocol is secure and has low encryption overhead).

CyberGhost’s security features work well in Nashville. You’ll find their kill switch, DNS leak protection, and split tunneling will protect your privacy. If you are using a VPN for streaming only, you can watch content from different regions without interfering with your usual web activities.

If you have any issues setting the service up, you’re in luck. CyberGhost has a 24/7 customer support team and FAQ section. They’ll help you set up everything correctly on the seven devices they allow. They even have an industry-leading 45-day money-back guarantee. You can test the service for three months.

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4. Surfshark – RAM-only servers help protect your privacy


Surfshark is heavily privacy-centric and a good choice for Nashville. They offer more than 3200 servers in 65 different countries. While they don’t provide any server locations in the city and have a smaller network than some, we suggest choosing a VPN server in Atlanta. Though Surfshark has servers in other fairly close areas, that is the nearest location.

Surfshark is privacy-centric, using next-gen encryption protocols and 100% RAM-only servers. The two major advantages of those servers are rapid speeds and lack of records. The last part works well with the strict no-logs policy, so you can stay safe while in Nashville.

Some of the features they offer include the CleanWeb ad blocker, Bypasser (a split tunneling feature), and Camouflage Mode (server obfuscation). Those will help you save money and bandwidth while in Nashville. Surfshark is also independently audited and has 24/7 support if you have support questions. You’ll also appreciate the unlimited connections they offer.

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5. HMA Pro VPN – offers local IP addresses in Nashville


HMA has arguably the largest VPN server network in the world. While it only has two servers and six IP addresses, the closeness means you can get some of the best possible speeds while protecting your privacy. They are an excellent choice for Music City because they are among the few providers that offer servers there.

As you can see, HMA has excellent access to get around geo-restrictions while you are in Nashville. Even though HMA may not have as many servers as some of its competitors, they have servers in 210+ countries, spread across more than 290 different worldwide locations. That means if you have a favorite international streaming service, you can access all of the available libraries.

In addition to access, HMA has speed. They have more than 1100 servers that have 20+ Gbps connection speeds. As with any VPN, though, you can experience encryption overhead. HMA offers the next-generation protocols of OpenVPN and IKEv2. Those will help keep you safe whether you are in Nashville or any other place.

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Why we chose these providers

We used several factors to help us choose providers. Here are the questions we asked:

  • Does the provider offer strong encryption to protect your privacy?
  • Which VPN providers have servers in Nashville? 
  • How large is the provider’s network?
  • Does the service block ads?
  • Is there a strict no-logs policy?
  • Does the provider offer a money-back guarantee, and how long?
  • Does the service have specific servers for streaming?
  • What advanced features does the provider offer?

All of these questions help us answer what the best VPNs for Nashville are.

How to get an IP address in Nashville

You can connect to an HMA Pro VPN server in Nashville to get a local IP address. Doing so will give you access to local content and help protect your online privacy. Follow our guide to get started:

  1. Sign up for HMA Pro VPN (includes a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee)
  2. Once you receive the welcome email, go ahead and download the HMA app. You can install it on your favorite desktop and mobile devices and connect on up to 5 at a time.
  3. Open the HMA client and connect to a VPN server in Nashville
  4. You can use a website like to test the location of your IP address. This will confirm that your IP is located in Nashville.
  5. HMA offers 24/7 support to help answer any questions you may have getting started.

Why do I need a VPN in Nashville?

Nashville is a popular location for many visitors. Its location on I-40 makes it an ideal spot. As far as VPNs go, they are no longer tools of the tech-savvy. These days, 1/3rd of all internet users connect to one. The modern-day versions are easy to use, from protecting your privacy to gaining access to multiple locations. Let’s look at why you need to use one in Nashville.

Protecting your privacy while in the city

Protecting your privacy is a big deal, and you don’t have to look far for security breaches. To save data and for better speed, many users like using open Wi-fi networks. However, you really don’t want to do that without first connecting to a VPN. In addition to high-end encryption protocols, many providers offer extra features to help keep you as safe as possible.

Watching the Preds and Titans

If you enjoy watching sports online and are a Nashville Predators fan, a Tennessee Titans fan, or both, you quickly find you you can’t watch them in the city. The solution is to connect to a server in a different city. Then, you can watch either one or both while there. Since Atlanta is the closest option, that is where we suggest.

When you want to use a streaming service

Streaming services are enormous these days. As more expand into different markets, you can find content on some versions that you can’t find in others. Whether you want to use services with a large video library like Netflix or country-specific services like BBC iPlayer or Stan, all you have to do is connect to a VPN. Doing so will make the streaming services think you are where you are supposed to be.

FAQs for using a VPN while in Nashville

How can I find a VPN service that has servers in Nashville?

There are not many major players in the VPN that have servers in the city. However, HMA does, as we mentioned. The other providers have servers in Atlanta which is about 250 miles away.

Are VPNs legal in Nashville?

The United States government allows residential and commercial VPN usage in the country. Because of that, you’ll be able to use a VPN legally while you are in Nashville.

Can I use a free VPN when I’m in Nashville?

In theory, yes, you can, but you may have problems. Other issues include slow server speeds and a minimal list of options. On average, using a free VPN is a bad idea. PrivadoVPN is a safe free alternative, but keep in mind that they limit free data to 10 GB a month.

Are VPNs safe to use?

By choosing a reputable VPN provider, you won’t have any issues. VPN providers have been around since the 1990s, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their products. You want to choose one of the options we mentioned above.

The Bottom Line

Nashville has plenty of die-hard sports fans despite only having two top-tier sports teams. Fans of the Predators call the city “Smashville”. You’ll also find the city to be great for musicians. All you have to do is connect to a VPN server in Atlanta to help you enjoy sports, watch your favorite streaming service, and to protect your privacy. Again, our favorite VPN provider for Nashville is ExpressVPN for its speed and features. You can get the fastest connections by using the Lightway protocol on up to five devices at the same time.

RankVPN ServiceOur
5HMA Pro VPN9.0280HMA
A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.