Best VPNs for Kodi

Kodi VPNKodi, previously known as XBMC, is an open-source media player.  The software is free.  You can download the current Kodi version and development builds for a wide range of devices.  Install Kodi on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS (jailbroken), Android, Raspberry Pi, and more.  You will find a number of media players that support Kodi.  The Amazon Fire TV Stick, Matricom G-Box, and DroidBOX are all popular options.  Regardless of the device, you select for Kodi, you will want a fast, reliable VPN to protect your privacy and unblock geo restrictions.

Getting Started with Kodi / XBMC Media Player

If you’re new to Kodi it helps to have a guide to get started. We used a guide from KodiReviews to install Kodi and a number of popular add-ons. There are hundreds of addons available. You will find a list of official addons directly on the website.  Guides for the ever popular unofficial addons can be found on Kodi Reviews.

There are lots of Kodi-related sites out there but those are some of our favorites.  It’s important to find a site that keeps up with the latest Kodi addon updates.  The sites listed above are updated on a regular basis so they are all good resources.  Once you have Kodi installed with some addons in place, the next step is to find a VPN.

Finding the Best VPN for Kodi

When considering which VPN is the best choice for Kodi, you will want to decide which platforms you plan to run the Kodi software on.  For example, if you plan to run Kodi on Windows, the selection of VPNs is much wider than those who plan to run Kodi on Raspberry Pi. The VPNs we will present in this post are well suited for a wide range of Kodi set-ups.  If you’re like us, you may want to watch on your laptop one day and through your favorite set-top box the next.  Let’s look at some VPNs that give you the flexibility to switch between devices.

RankVPN ServiceVPN Fan
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Since a growing number of Kodi users are turning to Android devices to watch their favorite content, we made sure to select VPN services that have Android apps.  We also chose VPNs that have extra security features like VPN kill switch to help protect your privacy.  The final criteria we considered in deciding on the best VPNs for Kodi was network size and performance.  You want a VPN with server locations around the world to unblock geo restrictions.  It goes without saying that you need a fast VPN to stream HD content.  All of the VPNs in our list are up for the task.  They are kindly offering our visitors a special discount as well which is much appreciated.

1. Best VPN for Kodi: ExpressVPN


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ExpressVPN brings together fast VPN access with MediaStreamer which acts as a Smart DNS service to unblock access to geo-restricted content. The VPN service will help encrypt your connection and unblock live sporting events. You will even find a list of the latest live entertainment and sporting events on their website.

As you can see in the table above, you shouldn’t have any issues with geo-restrictions when using the ExpressVPN. They have a number of servers located everywhere to help you protect your privacy. Whether you want to protect your privacy or want to get around geo-blocked content, you can accomplish both goals by using ExpressVPN with your favorite Kodi device.

When you use ExpressVPN with Kodi, you can choose to connect to a specific city. Though you are not able to select individual servers, they will pick the best option for you. Once you set everything up, you have to select your city. Of course, you can easily change that choice.

ExpressVPN has a higher price point than some competitors, however, their high value comes from their long list of features, customer service, and size of their network. You can connect to ExpressVPN on your favorite Kodi device either outside of the program or through apps built into Kodi for just $6.67 a month with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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2. Best VPN for Kodi: NordVPN


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NordVPN is based in Panama which some users prefer to using a VPN company that’s actually headquartered in the United States. You will find that NordVPN has a strong presence in the US with servers located throughout the country. Members have full access to their network in the USA and beyond for a very good price.

You will find that NordVPN has perhaps the best mix of services for the price if you subscribe to a longer term account. All users have full access to their network and custom software. You can connect using the VPN client for Windows or Mac. They also have an easy to use mobile app for both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices.

Want to access streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or BBC iPlayer from anywhere in the world? If so NordVPN is a great choice. They are one of the only VPN services that can still unblock Netflix. You can sign up for unlimited VPN and SmartDNS service from just $2.99 a month with a 3-year membership.

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3. Best VPN for Kodi: IPVanish


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IPVanish is the only top-tier VPN service which makes them the perfect fit for Kodi. Managing their own network gives IPVanish an advantage over other VPN providers. This is quickly evident when you go to watch HD content. Most VPNs will slow your connection down. While you can expect some performance hit from encryption, the speed of the IPVanish network is second to none. We connect to it before using Kodi. Even for the official apps that don’t have geo blocks. The difference in speed isn’t even noticeable. We’re able to stream HD content without any buffering or delays. You can enjoy unlimited access to IPVanish from just $4.87 a month with our exclusive discount. Load it on as many devices as you wish and connect with up to two at a time.

The IPVanish team manages their own network of VPN servers in 60+ countries. This gives you plenty of server locations to choose from when traveling or finding the right server to circumvent geo blocks. There are several Kodi addons that block access based on your IP location. BBC iPlayer is a good example. To watch BBC content through the iPlayer addon, you will want to connect to a VPN server in the UK. Doing so will unblock the geo restrictions and give you full access to BBC content in Kodi.

The other reason to use a VPN like IPVanish is to protect your privacy while using Kodi. The IPVanish team has developed a number of extra features to ensure users privacy. On top of managing their own network, IPVanish has a kill switch feature that will stop your device from communicating if the VPN drops. Once the VPN reconnects you will continue as if nothing happened. This will help protect your privacy and save your true IP address from being exposed. Whether using Kodi, your favorite torrent app, or just browsing your favorite sites, it’s important to protect your online privacy.

IPVanish supports a wide range of platforms. They have a custom VPN app for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You will also find set up guides for a wide range of routers and other devices. We launch the IPVanish Android app inside our DroidBOX anytime we use Kodi. While we normally turn off the VPN when finished using Kodi, at times we forget. At one point we were connected to IPVanish for over a week without disconnecting. That’s an extreme example, but it speaks to the quality of their service.

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4. Best VPN for Kodi: CyberGhost


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CyberGhost was founded in 2001 by 7 enthusiastic young team members in Bucharest, Romania. Since that time the company has grown into one of the largest VPN services in the world. The team of 50+ members is focused on protecting users privacy. Robert Knapp, co-founder and CEO, continues to lead the team even after they joined the Crossrider group in 2017. Since that time the CyberGhost network has expanded quite a bit.

CyberGhost offers a nice mix of server locations, strong encryption, and the ability to unblock popular streaming services like Netflix, YouTube Red, and Amazon Prime. Some of the channels even let you unblock geo-restrictions for multiple regions. For example, you can access Amazon Prime video content in the US, Germany, or UK. The Windows client also gives you the option to surf anonymously, protect Wi-Fi, torrent anonymously, unblock basic websites (Google, Facebook Instagram, etc.), and choose a server.

The CyberGhost VPN client is one of our favorites. It is very easy to use and includes a number of advanced features to help protect your online privacy. They have a development team in Germany that is continually adding features to the client and mobile apps. You can sign up for full access to the CyberGhost network from just $2.75 a month during their current promotion.

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5. Best VPN for Kodi: PIA

Private Internet Access

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Private Internet Access (PIA) is the final choice in our list of the best VPNs for Kodi. PIA has built a great reputation in the file-sharing community. They gained in popularity based on value and have continued to build on the momentum over the years. You will find that PIA provides a solid VPN service. Once again, their network is smaller than IPVanish but they have enough server locations to give Kodi users a good selection. We find that PIA can be slower at times though, which is why they aren’t ranked higher on our list. We want the highest speed possible to stream HD content. Enjoy unlimited VPN from PIA for just $3.49 a month with our discount.

The Private Internet Access team is located in Los Angeles. They support to a wide range of online privacy initiatives. They are major contributors to organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Fight For the Future, and The Internet Defense League. They also team up with other well-known tech companies to support LA Hacks each year. You will find PIA mentioned in glowing terms on websites like TorrentFreak. They have built their reputation as an inexpensive, no-log VPN service. We should mention that all the options in our list are no-log VPNs. This means that they do not track your usage when connected.

Choosing the right VPN is always important, but especially when you’re relying on it to protect your privacy. Free VPNs are not the answer as horror stories confirm. Think about it. It costs companies like IPVanish, StrongVPN, and PIA a lot of money to add servers and bandwidth. Not to mention the development costs and everything else that goes into running a large VPN service. That’s not sustainable under a free model. If you’re not paying for a VPN then you’re likely the product. I don’t know about you, but we don’t want to be tracked online by anyone including our VPN. The VPNs on our list will respect your privacy.

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