AVG Keeps It’s Word For One Page Privacy Policy

Over the years, many people have become aware of the free anti-virus software distributed by the company, AVG. This company that has long been committed to privacy since releasing their first product in Czechoslovakia, in 1992. At the beginning of the year, the CEO of AVG, Gary Kovacs, gave the keynote speech at the mobile world congress. In this speech, he vowed to build consumer trust by creating a single page, plain language version of their privacy policy.

Anti Virus Security

Recently, online privacy and the policies that govern it have come in to the spotlight. Everywhere you turn, you hear of companies getting breached, or battling it out with the federal government over privacy issues. With all of these changes, it is great to see a company take initiative and write something in plain language. You do not have to be an industry insider to know how different this change is. Here are some of the items mentioned. We will show you an excerpt from their actual policy from their website.

“Some personal data we collect automatically when you use our website or products. This information may include some or all of the following types of information:

  • Your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address;
  • User and account names and related data;
  • Phone number;
  • SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card number;
  • Device ID numbers, including Machine ID, IMEI and/or MEID;
  • AVG product license and identification numbers; and
  • Geographic location based on GPS/Wi-Fi/communications network local information.”

Unlike other companies, AVG states everything very clearly here, and gives the reasons behind it. With this move, they are hoping that other companies will follow suit, instead of burying everything in legaleze. AVG has taken some heat over doing this, but the fact remains, they are being completely honest with their intentions in their new policy. Only by being an informed user can you truly make a decision on using their free software or not.

The truth is, many other companies have policies that are similar to the privacy policy of AVG. However, there are no others to make it easily understandable to an average person. Their concept is you should not have to be an IT professional or a lawyer to know what you are signing up for. The free version of AVG works very well. After reading their new policy, only you can decide if you are OK with them collecting your information in exchange for using a free product. No matter what your decision is, at least AVG has made you aware of your options.

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