Anonabox Tunneler and Pro Integrate VPN

Update: Anonabox has partnered with Ingram Micro to distribute their portable TOR and VPN routers.  That means you’ll be able to purchase one of their new devices at a retailer near you in the weeks to come.

The crew at Anonabox has some exciting news to share this morning.  They have partnered with Hide My Ass to integrate HMA Pro VPN in their upcoming devices.  They will also have a 3rd party VPN interface with support for a wide range of services.  The new VPN routers will be available in the coming weeks.  Customers who purchase an Anonzbox Tunneler or Pro device will have the option of connecting through a VPN.  You will still need a VPN account but the device is set up to make the connection.  I look forward to testing one in the days to come.

Anonabox Tunneler

Anonabox launched last year and raised over $80,000 in a very successful Indiegogo campaign to create a TOR privacy router.  Now they are back in the spotlight with a new series of devices.  They will soon be rolling out three new devices, two of which will integrate personal VPN services.

Let’s take a closer look at the new Anonzbox Tunneler and Pro devices.

Anonzbox Tunneler – $99.99

The Anonabox Tunneler comes with HMA Pro VPN built into the device.  All you need is the Tunneler and an HMA membership.  From there you can use the built-in wifi uplink to secure your wifi connection through HMA.  The box will act as a dedicated VPN router, encrypting the data that passes through it.  You can connect with any device, even those that don’t natively support VPN.  That’s a big advantage of connecting to a VPN through your router.  It will encrypt the communications from every device that connects through it.

We should note that the Anonabox Tunneler will work with most of the leading VPN services.  They have partnered with HMA but if you already have a VPN provider they have a 3rd party VPN interface built into the device that will very likely support a wide range of services.

Here are the specs for the Anonabox Tunneler:

  • CPU/Chipset – 400mhz
  • RAM/Flash – 16/64
  • MSRP – $99.99
  • Sold by Amazon and Newegg

If you want something with more power and features you can step up to the Anonabox Pro.

Anonabox Pro – $119.99

The Anonzbox Pro has all the features of the Tunneler plus some extras.  It’s also more powerful in terms of hardware specs.  For starters the Pro device will connect to VPN or through a TOR client.  Tunneler does not have the TOR option.  You can also use Anonabox Pro as a TOR bridge, relay, or exit.  It has a built-in webserver for .onion hosting.  Finally it comes with USB file sharing capabilities.  If any of these extras are of interest to you, the $20 extra is well worth the price.

Here are the specs for the Anonabox Pro:

  • CPU/Chipset – 550mhz
  • RAM/Flash – 64/128
  • MSRP – $119.99
  • Sold by Amazon and Newegg

As you can see the Anonabox Pro is quite a bit more powerful than Tunneler.  It really comes down to what you plan to use it for.  I recommend the Pro device even if you only plan to use it for VPN.  It never hurts to have the extra speed and the USB port is a nice bonus.

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