Best VPNs With the Fastest Networks

Fastest NetworksWhenever you search for a VPN provider, speed is an important factor. Even with current encryption standards, no one wants to be adversely affected by a slow VPN service. The problem that many face though, is which one has the fastest network? Though many providers tout themselves as having the world’s fastest service, it may be hard to sort through the details. Fortunately, we have some suggestions below on the ones we have found to be the fastest in the tests we have run.

RankVPN ServicePriceVisit SiteVPN Score
1IPVanish$4.87Visit SiteIPVanish stats
2ExpressVPN$6.67Visit SiteExpressVPN stats
3CyberGhost$3.50Visit SiteCyberGhost stats
4NordVPN$3.99Visit SiteNordVPN stats
5Private Internet Access$2.50Visit SitePIA stats

There are a several factors that can go in to network speed determinations, some are controllable, others are not.  The first factor is the time of day you choose to connect. No matter which country you are in, there is a good chance the internet traffic in your area will slow down after the work day. That is because many people use the internet shortly after work, either to check their favorite website, or stream content while eating dinner. The biggest slowdown of the internet occurs typically between the hours of 7pm – 9pm local time. It is safe to say that during that time, you will get different results than you would get in the morning or the middle of the night.

Another factor to consider depends on what activities you are performing. Are you connecting to a VPN to unblock content? Are you using VPN for security reasons only? Do you live in a restrictive country that blocks certain websites? For unblocking content, speed becomes important. If you are streaming a movie or tv show, buffering of the content can be annoying. If you are a gamer and you plan on using the VPN for gaming, slow speeds can make the difference between life or death in the game. For security reasons, speed may not be of the essence, however you would not have an interest if you are reading this post.

Whereas you can not control those factors, you may control which VPN you choose. All the VPN providers we mention in this post have fast networks. If you look at the the reviews in the list, the speeds are listed in our speed tests. However, we have found that IPVanish has the best consistent speeds all around. Please check the results yourself. Let’s take a look at a few reasons to use a VPN. Though we mentioned it briefly earlier, we will line out the details specifically.

Privacy is the first reason to use a VPN. Suppose you were to take your laptop, tablet, or phone to a Wi-Fi hotspot. With the popularity of portable devices, it is easy to see why most restaurants and coffee shops have them now.  Given that fact, if you use that hotspot without a VPN, you leave yourself vulnerable to attack. The person at the next table or next chair over may be just waiting to get a hold of your valuable information. In addition, if you are working from home or just entering sensitive data, using a VPN is a wise idea. Using one will encrypt your data and protect it from people that may have prying eyes.

The next benefit to using a VPN has to do with the unblocking of content we mentioned earlier. Whether you are in a country that has a restrictive internet policy, or you just want to do something simple like watching Netflix in a different region, you may use a VPN to connect to a server in a different country. By doing this, the technology used to create geo-restrictions is fooled. A geo-restriction stops you from being able to view content in or outside of the targeted area. As an example, if you tried to watch BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK, you would receive a message telling you that the content was not available in your area.

Hopefully, we have given you some good reasons to use a VPN, and some useful suggestions about which ones to use. The choices in this post are the best overall based on speed, security, server locations, and price. We are confident you will be happy with any of the choices.