Best VPNs for Ukraine

KievUkraine is the largest country entirely within Europe. Inhabitants have lived in the area that is known as modern day Ukraine since 32,000 BC. The country has been independent since 1991 with the dissolution of the USSR. That has not stopped the Russian president from trying to reclaim some of the area for Russia, though. They are in a period of transition, moving from a communist society to a capitalist one. The Ukrainian government does not monitor internet traffic, but that does not stop the police from doing it, often without proper authorization. If you are going to visit the Ukraine or are thinking of relocating there, you would want to use a VPN.

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The internet in the Ukraine is considered to be free. In other words, the government does not hinder access to the web or block any sites. Despite having only a 33% internet saturation, the country is in the top 10 for fastest internet speed. As the country becomes more affluent, there is quite a bit of improvement and progress to be made.

Piracy in the Ukraine is rampant, so much that they are listed on the priority country list by the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA). One would imagine though, that the country has bigger problems than worrying about digital piracy. Even if there was a governing body that regulated piracy, law enforcement in Ukraine is notoriously corrupt. It is said that many criminals there will pay for the police to turn a blind eye to both minor and major crimes.

As we mentioned, if you are planning on relocating or visiting Ukraine, you would want to use a VPN. That is because of quite a few bold thieves in the country. Some of them have been known to build ATMs to steal credit card info. By using a VPN, you create a secure connection to a server that may be in a different country. Your traffic is encrypted at that point, so you can keep your information private from the prying eyes of hackers.

Though Netflix is not in Ukraine yet, it may be coming soon. Without announcing officially, the popular premium streaming company registered the Netflix trademark there. Until that point, to access Netflix in Ukraine, you would need a VPN. Since you can connect to a server in another country, all you would have to do is connect to your favorite country, and you would be able to stream content. Even after Netflix launches, if you wanted to have access to a large library, you would just use your VPN connection to do so.

If we have made clear the advantages and uses of a VPN, you should be able to see the benefits. The question is, what choices should you make? Fortunately, we have some great suggestions for Ukraine and we will explain some of the best protocols to use. Our options have custom clients, so setting up the VPN connection will be easy. Your options then come down to your purpose for using one.

If you want to unblock content, protect your privacy, and use streaming services like Netflix, we recommend using ExpressVPN. They have very stable connections inaddition to having a very large VPN network. They also do not keep logs and offer a kill switch for the best privacy options. OpenVPN (UDP) is the best bet for streaming, but using the OpenVPN protocol would be your best idea whenever possible. If you use a VPN by way of a mobile device, you may also check into other protocols including IKEv2 and L2TP for security.

If you just want to unblock geo-restricted content, you will want to choose ExpressVPN MediaStreamer. The Smart DNS feature will help you unblock content without the slight speed loss of encryption. We can’t honestly advise you to go without encryption though. Since the average net speed is 1.1 mbps, encryption would be the safest option. As long as video quality is not compromised, any benefit you might receive from a speed boost is outweighed by the layer of security that is added with encryption.

So there you have it. VPN services provide positive benefits, like encrypting your data and securing it, and unblocking content that would be restricted in Ukraine. You are welcome to check out our top 10 VPN services list for other picks, but we suspect there won’t be a need. Using security, speed, price, and server locations as criteria, you should be happy with these choices because they are the best overall.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.