Best VPNs for South Korea

South KoreaKorea has one of the oldest cultures in the world, with pottery dating back 10,000 years. In 1910, all of Korea was annexed by Japan. That lasted until Japan surrendered during World War II, and Korea declared their independence. It was split into two countries, North and South Korea, with the latter being established on August 15th, 1948. Today, South Korea has a burgeoning economy and If you plan on visiting, you will want to use a VPN.

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As an interesting historical note on the divided countries, when they were formed, the Soviet Union occupied North Korea, and the US occupied South Korea, with a demilitarized zone between them. It is pretty clear which country has had more success. Almost half of South Korea’s 51 million residents live in their capital city of Seoul (pronounced sole). From 1962-94, South Korea’s government grew at a remarkable rate of roughly 10% a year. The culture was able to transform itself into a high-income, technologically-advanced country and it has several large conglomeration companies that are involved in almost all of the industries. These companies have become so widely known, that the names of Samsung, Hyundai-Kia, and LG are known worldwide. With Samsung, it leads the world by more than 2 to 1 in global smartphone sales. Though Japan was known for many years as an innovator, South Korea now holds the designation of the most innovative country in the world. They are known for high quality, low cost products, and because of economic wealth, many international companies are making the decision to open an office in Seoul.

South Korea’s censorship policy is similar to many developed countries, but some categorize it as “pervasive”. That is because they block almost all content relating to North Korea and social media, mainly because of gambling, adult, or harmful to children websites. Usually, the South Korean government does not monitor it’s citizens. However If they do decide to monitor you, by law, they have to let you know first. Given the points we have mentioned, there are some great reasons to use a VPN there. Let’s take a look at why it is important whether you are just visiting, relocating to, or already live in South Korea.

A VPN operates by creating a secure connection to a server that may be located in a different country. Because this connection is encrypted, you add an extra layer of protection to anything you do online, including work related content or sensitive personal data. Whereas the government must let you know if it intends to obtain your sensitive data, hackers do not have to.

Another benefit of using a VPN deals with it’s ability to unblock restricted content. Since South Korea is blocking almost all information on North Korea, connecting to a server in another country would help you unblock it. The same could be said about content located in a different country. Imagine relocating to South Korea and receiving a message stating that the content you are trying to watch online is not available to you outside of the origin country. Better yet, when Netflix launches in South Korea at the beginning of 2016, the library selection available will not be able to compete with the number of titles the US version has. Once you have your Netflix subscription, simply connect a server in the US and you would have full access to the US library.

To summarize, a VPN will help you protect your privacy and unblock content from anywhere in the world. In the table above, we list our favorite choices for providers. The ones in the list are the best overall, based on price, security, speed, and server locations. Our list includes well established providers in the privacy industry, so we feel you will be quite happy with any of the selections listed.

A VPN service will help protect your online privacy and unblock sites from around the world. We support a free and open Internet.