Play Heroes of the Storm with a VPN

Heroes of the StormHeroes of the Storm is a MOBA made by Blizzard. The game is close to the hearts of many Blizzard fans because it incorporates characters from all of their popular franchises. Each character is uniquely made to fit its other game counterpart. Using these unique move-sets correctly, you can bring out the characters full potential and maybe even play competitively. With Heroes of the Storm being online there is going to be lag, slow connection time, and possibly some DDoS attacks. To help solve these problems I recommend a VPN. A VPN will allow you to change your IP address to another IP near the location you choose. If you pick an location near the server you play on you will have less lag and faster connection. Since it is not your IP address you are less likely to be DDoS attacked. With the game being a Blizzard game it is more likely to be blocked by a firewall. Luckily a VPN helps you get past firewalls and geo-restrictions by allowing you to change your IP address.

Heroes of the Storm is a game in which you are responsible for working with your teammates to defeat the enemy. The game itself might seem easy enough, but it is much harder than it seems. With the complex strategies and different game modes the game gets increasingly difficult. The game modes include:

  • Basics needed before seeing game modes: You play as a hero working with others to defeat the other team. There are minions that spawn for each team and they can help you level and take over the other team. You must defeat the other team’s towers to be able to get to there base and take out there main tower (also know as the nexus).
  • Practice: You with AI vs AI. Basic rules apply.
  • Versus AI: You and others online vs AI. Basic rules apply.
  • Quickplay: You and others vs other online competitors. Basic rules apply.
  • Heroes Brawl: Different challenge each week.
  • Custom Matches: Whatever you choose.
  • Ranked:
    • Hero League: Must be solo to get in. Basic rules apply.
    • Team League: Must have a team of five already in your party. Basic rules apply.

Each game mode is played on a map. Every map has special rules to it which affects gameplay. This means that depending on the map you get you may do better. Maps include: Tower of Doom, Infernal Shrines, Battlefield of Eternity, Tomb of the Spider Queen, Sky Temple, Garden of Terror, Blackheart’s Bay, Dragon Shire, Haunted Mines, Cursed Hollows, Braxis Holdout, Punisher Arena, and Warhead Junction.

Heros are who you play as. Heroes are divided into four categories: assassins attack to kill, warriors take the mightiest of blows, supports help the team out throughout the match, and specialists have a unique move-set that can change the course of the game. Characters in the categories include:

  • Assassins: Ragnaros, Varian, Samuro, Alarak, Gul’dan, Chromie, Tracer, Greymane, Lunara, Cho’gall, The Butcher, Kael’thas, Thrall, Jaina, Tychus, Falstad, Illidan, Kerrigan, Nova, Raynor, Valla, and Zeratul.
  • Warriors: Varian, Zarya, Dehaka, Cho’gall, Artanis, Rexxar, Leoric, Johanna, Anub’Arak, Chen, Arthas, Diablo, E.T.C., Muradin, Sonya, Stitches, and Tyrael.
  • Supports: Auriel, LT. Morales, Kharazim, Rehgar, Brightwing, Li Li, Malfurion, Tassadar, Tyrande, and Uther.
  • Specialists: Medivh, Xul, Sylvanas, The Lost Vikings, Azmodan, Zagara, Murky, Abathur, Gazlowe, Nadeebo, and SGT. Hammer.

Using the in game currency You can buy characters so that you don’t have to wait for them to be free to play again. Once you have a character you can play constantly or you can train with them. The better you become the better people you will be able to face. You can play anyone from a person who is just playing their first match to an elite gamer it just depends on how you play.

Heroes of the Storm is a popular MOBA made by blizzard. The game is very competitive and is even an Esport. The game has a lot of strategy involved and lots of ways to play. With diverse characters and maps you won’t be disappointed. Overall this is a game I am sure you and your friends will love to play.

Once again I recommend using a VPN service to play Heroes of the Storm online. A VPN will give you an IP address from the server location you choose. It will improve performance and reduce lag. Elite gamers will also appreciate the added protection from DDoS attacks.

How to Use a VPN to Play Heroes of the Storm

I’ll use IPVanish for the example of how to use a VPN service to play Heroes of the Storm online.  They are my favorite VPN for gaming because IPVanish manages their own network which makes the service faster and more reliable than most providers.  You can also view our Top 10 VPN list for more options.

The first step to getting set up with IPVanish is to download the client software for your system.  IPVanish offers free client software for Windows, Mac and Linux.  In addition to free apps for iOS and Android.

Now that you’ve had a chance to download and install the software it’s time to connect.  Launch the IPVanish client and select a server location.  We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the best server location.

IPVanish Windows client v2.0

  • Select a server location.  We chose Atlanta but IPVanish has a large network of servers located around the world.  I suggest you select the location closest to the game server you play on.  That will help reduce ping times and improve performance.
  • I recommend you select OpenVPN (TCP) or (UDP).  For gaming I use OpenVPN (UDP).  They also support PPTP and L2TP.  We still recommend OpenVPN for the best privacy protection.
  • Click connect.  After a few seconds you’ll see the button at the top change to green and show “Disconnect”.  You’ll also notice the server location and IP address show up at the top of the client.
  • I’m now located in the U.S. as far as anyone can tell online.  As such I can reach any site as if sitting in Atlanta.  The same is true if you connect to a server in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

That’s all there is to it.  Now that you have an IP address from the IPVanish server in the United States you can browse the Internet and play online games as if you were actually there.  The same is true from any country.  Connect to a server in the United Kingdom to unblock access to sites like BBC iPlayer or another country to watch Netflix content in that region.

As you can probably tell by now a good VPN will improve your online gaming experience and opens access to content around the world. If you live outside the United States the service can help you access popular services like Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. You still need an account for services like Netflix but the VPN will help you watch US television shows and movies on Netflix as if you were sitting in the United States or any other region you would like to access.

Enjoy all the action as you play Heroes of the Storm online.  Please share this post with your friends so they can enjoy Heroes of the Storm from anywhere in the world with a VPN.  Follow us @VPNFan for the latest deals and guides.